navy + “cypress”

Another day, another color for the Pantone Color Challenge! Today’s color is “cypress,” which I interpreted as a variation on olive. So, of course, I wore my well-loved olive pants.


I had hoped to be able to wear a blazer today to link up with Andi and Danielle as well, but there was no way I was fitting a blazer over this chunky sweater. It was reaaaaally cold today, so the sweater was very necessary, as bloated fluffy as it may make me look!


navy sweater {Old Navy}, gift this year’s version

blue stripe button-up {thrifted J.Crew}, $4 similar

olive pants {Faded Glory via Wal-Mart}, $11 similar

cognac riding boots {Rampage via Belk}, $38 similar

twisted pearl necklace {Jane}, $15 similar

What are you wearing to stay warm this week?

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15 thoughts on “navy + “cypress”

  1. you look so great, caroline! i love the tall boots worn over your beloved olive pants – i tend to only think to wear tall boots with jeans, but maybe this is a look i need to recreate! also, i don’t often shop at wal-mart (i’m more of a target girl and target’s are more prevalent where i live) but we went to wal-mart yesterday looking for dvds of hallmark movies so i took a quick lap through the women’s dept hoping i’d stumble upon a great find like these pants, but no luck! 😦


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