November 2014 Budget

November was another “multiples” month–by that, I mean that I bought multiple colors of the same item. I’ve read articles and blog posts that discourage such shopping habits, but in my opinion, if you find something you like and it fits well–stock up!


1 + 2. green and plum jeans {Loft Outlet} $15 each seen here, here, here In a previous post, I mentioned how I stalked these jeans for months at Loft Outlet until they finally ended up on the clearance rack. Don’t you just love when that happens? I’m collecting colorful pants/jeans these days, and these two pairs are already in heavy rotation.

3. black booties {Forever 21} $27 seen here and here On numerous occasions this fall, I’ve found myself outfit planning and thinking, “I wish I had some black booties for this.” So, I decided to look into buying an inexpensive pair. Now, Forever 21 footwear is not exactly top-notch quality, but I figured for a trendy item, these will do the trick. If I decide that I love them, perhaps I’ll invest in a more durable pair in the future.

4. cognac wedge booties {White Mountain via Boscov’s} $33 seen here I’ve noticed several other bloggers (such as Laura and Danielle) including cute wedge booties in their fall outfits, and they seemed like a really practical thing to have. The color and comfy wedge were perfect for my wardrobe, so I tracked down this pair online for a steal of a price (they’re normally $79).

5. long silver-tone pearl necklace {NY + Company} $12 To be honest, this purchase was mostly the result of wanting to qualify for an in-store promotion (you know the type–spend X amount and get Y dollars off). However, I will say that I’ve been wanting at least one silver-tone necklace. I wear mostly gold jewelry, but sometimes silver is the best choice for the color palette of my outfit.

6. burgundy tee {J.Crew Factory} $14 I’m in the process of adding a bit more burgundy to my wardrobe, partly because I think it’s flattering on fair brunettes such as myself, and also because it’s so perfect for the holiday season! I contemplated getting a cheaper version at Old Navy, but in the end I decided that J.Crew’s shade of burgundy was more along the lines of what I wanted. It’s such a lovely ruby-cranberry color!

7, 8, + 9. navy, gray, and green button-up shirts {NY + Company} $22 each seen here These Mercer shirts from NY + Company are my new favorite clothing items–they’re really comfortable and come in a zillion colors. I think they’ll end up being great layering pieces in future outfits.

November total: $183

2014 total: $1823

Remaining budget: $177

I’m pleased that I left a decent amount (but not too much) in my budget for December. I really shouldn’t be shopping all that much for myself next month, as I’ve asked for mostly clothes and accessories for my birthday and Christmas. That being said, I know myself, and I know that I’ll want to buy at least a few things for myself with all the crazy good sales going on!

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10 thoughts on “November 2014 Budget

  1. i am definitely a proponent of buying multiples if you are certain that you like something enough! it looks like you got a lot of great pieces this month. i have never shopped at ny & co before, but i am definitely going to check out those shirts since you speak so highly of them! i like that the neckline is a little different from a typical button-down.


  2. I used to buy in multiples, but then when I stopped liking one thing, I generally ended up disliking all of them. But some days I regret not buying in multiples. I have a few really long shirts that are just so perfect. I feel like you’ll get a lot of wear out of everything you got this month! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


    • That’s definitely a risk of buying multiples! When I do buy several colors of one thing, I try to make sure it’s something pretty classic (like a button-up). Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving as well!


  3. I agree with your philosophy. If you find something you like, that fits well, pick up a few! There’s a difference between picking up a couple multiples in a staple item and buying your 67th pink t-shirt because you just couldn’t help yourself.


  4. I often buy in multiples as well, as long as the item fits and is affordable! I actually did that this month with a couple new pairs of pants for work. It really made me happy to find a pair that actually worked, so I had to buy two, haha! I adore the plum pants that you got this month, by the way – SO pretty. I loved the first outfit we have seen with them so far, so I can’t wait to see other ways you wear them!


    • Yes, affordability is totally key! I certainly would not have bought both pairs if they were full price ($60 each!). The dark purple jeans are definitely turning into a favorite around here, so stay tuned for lots more outfits featuring them 🙂


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