remix it: the light chambray shirt

By now, you’ve probably seen a lot of remixes involving a chambray shirt. Well, here’s another one. And chances are, I’ll probably post another one in the future–it’s that versatile.

For this round-up, I’ll show you how I’ve worn my light chambray shirt for summer and fall.

the light chambray shirt

1 / 2 / 3 / 4





light chambray shirt options: Old Navy {classic}, Loft {tunic}, Loft {floral print}

Apparently, I really like pairing my chambray shirt with scarves and bright colors! I’d like to try wearing it with skirts more often and maybe try layering it with it as the weather gets colder (if that ever happens).

How would/do you wear a chambray shirt?


6 thoughts on “remix it: the light chambray shirt

  1. I’m like you, I like pairing chambray with bright colors. I seem to be using mine strictly as a layering piece lately, but how can you not when it’s got such a great feel to it?


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