purple + pearls

Somewhere along the way, I managed to donate/sell/trash all of the purple in my wardrobe. How does that happen? I think it was likely the result of being obsessed with all things purple for a while (my wedding colors were lavender and ivory, after all)…and then I got sick of it.



I’m warming up to the hue once again, so I bought this cozy sweater during a Black Friday sale.


I added this pearl necklace too for a little contrast. I think purple and pearls make for a pretty pair (I know, my infatuation with alliteration is a little ridiculous sometimes).



purple pullover sweater {Mossimo via Target}, $11

black dress pants {Banana Republic Factory}, $18 similar

black patent leather wedges {CL by Laundry via DSW}, $35

pearl multistrand necklace {NY + Company}, $12 similar

What colors are you loving lately?


9 thoughts on “purple + pearls

  1. aren’t these mossimo sweaters so great?? i snagged the same one not too long ago to add some more purple into my wardrobe. purple was my favorite color growing up but for some reason it’s never had much of a presence in my closet!


  2. Ah! Purple is my favorite color (although I’m a little picky about the specific shade), but I don’t have much of it in my closet either. I really like the sweater paired with the pearl necklace and black dress pants – very simple, but very classy!


    • I’ve become pickier about the shade of purple too. I remember I had this one really pale lavender shirt in high school that I loved until I saw a picture of myself wearing it. It looked awful! It just blended in with my skin. #pastyprincessprobs


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