purple, gray, + snakeskin

DSC_6514Last week, Seth and I spent an entire afternoon sorting through our respective closets. As you might expect, it took me a lot longer to clean out my closet than it did Seth! I managed to clear out enough to fill (overfill?) a ThredUp* bag, a donation bag, and a plain ol’ trash bag. Closet clean-outs are always beneficial not only to clear out the excess but also to re-discover old favorites. One such item was my snakeskin pumps. I haven’t worn them very much, but I still really like them. I decided to put them to good use this week by wearing them on my first day back at work.

DSC_6504I’ve always really liked gray + purple together (or, as an Instagram friend dubbed it, “grurple”), and with the gray tones in these pumps, it was only natural that I add a little snakeskin into the mix.


Hopefully, I’ll get some good use out of these before my next closet clean-out!

DSC_6493gray button-up blouse: NY + Company, similar (popover version) // purple straight jeans: Loft Outlet, similar // gray snakeskin pumps: Mossimo via ThredUp*, similar // gray beaded necklace: Jane, exact

Did you clear out your closet for the new year?

*If you join ThredUp through the link provided, we each get $10 off our next order!

Linking up with Laura for Confident Twosday!


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