not as planned

DSC_6616This outfit and my day share something in common: neither of them came together as I had planned. Today was the first day of testing for the research study I’m working on, and we ran into several roadblocks. Let’s just say that a bag of potato chips may have ruined the data from the day.

DSC_6608The same goes for my outfit. I had envisioned it looking oh-so-cute in my head, but then when I got dressed, I realized that my shirt was too big and my cardigan too small for the pairing to work–there was a lot of bunching going on. Oh well. Sometimes wrinkles (and potato chips) happen.

DSC_6599polka dot button-up: LC Lauren Conrad via eBay, very similar // mint cardigan: J.Crew Factory, exact// black dress pants: Banana Republic Factory, similar // pink wedge flats: Jessica Simpson, similar // bow watch: NY + Company, similar

When was the last time something didn’t turn out exactly as you planned?


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