the camo jeans

DSC_7000So let’s talk about camouflage print. When it first became trendy a few years ago, I hated it. I think it’s because prior to that time, the only exposure I had ever had to camo was on fellow Alabamians headin’out to hunt (which is not a look I really wanted to emulate). But after seeing several bloggers make camo print look pretty fab, I decided to give it a try for myself. I bought an inexpensive pair to try out the trend.

For this first wear, I kept things pretty simple by pairing them with my denim jacket and a white tee.

DSC_6991I’m not sure I love this look. I think the jeans are somehwat unflattering in these photos, which is to be expected when you put a big print on the biggest part of your body. Nonetheless, I decided the outfit was worth posting. Sometimes we take fashion risks, and they don’t work out, right? I’m thinking I’ll give these jeans another chance with a different top.

denim jacket: Mossimo via Target, exact // ivory tee: Banana Republic Factory, exact // camo jeans: Jordache via Wal-Mart, exact // cognac wedges: Jessica Simpson via 6pm, exact // gold tassel necklace: Forever 21, similar


6 thoughts on “the camo jeans

  1. I bought a pair of camo pants a few years ago but felt silly every time I wore them. Unfortunately I wasn’t smart like you and spent $30 on them. I can’t get myself to give them away, but I’m too lazy to sell them on eBay. sigh. Good luck with yours!


  2. I think your camo pants look pretty cute, and I like how you kept the rest of the outfit pretty understated as well. I see bloggers trying to do all this crazy pattern mixing and stuff with camo, and then it looks a little crazy to me.

    Seeing a resurgence of camo pants reminds me of this pair of camo flares (that had studs on the back pockets) that I got in 8th grade from Old Navy. I thought I was SUCH a badass when I wore them (which, as a nerdy little 8th grader, I certainly was no such thing…). I always wore them with this cream turtleneck sweater, bahahaha!


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