maroon + polka dots

DSC_7104I know I’ve complained about mentioned this before, but it remains a dilemma in my blogging life–it is so challenging to take outfit photos this time of year! On some days, I am in class until 5PM, which means I either have to get photos in the morning light, or “re-enact” my outfits on a weekend when I’m actually home for the hours of appropriate lighting.

DSC_7106On the day that I took these photos, I actually came home for lunch and noticed that it was a bit overcast outside (translation: no weird shadows to fight with). So I ran outside with my tripod! If I look a little preoccupied in these pictures, it’s because I was praying the sun wouldn’t re-appear…and that the pool guy wouldn’t show up! Blogging never ceases to be an adventure!

DSC_7112As for the outfit itself, I like the colors and the polka dots, but the ensemble makes me look a bit bulky through the middle. I guess that’s the nature of layering! I might have been better off just belting the dress and not the cardigan.

DSC_7102maroon dress: Merona via Target, similar // black + white polka dot cardigan: Merona via Target, exact // black leather skinny belt: Nine West via Macy’s, similar // black wedges: CL by Laundry via DSW, exact // crystal necklace: Target, similar


12 thoughts on “maroon + polka dots

  1. I don’t think it is possible for you to look bulky in the middle! I reenact my outfits all through the winter since my ‘photographer’ doesn’t get home until after dark. It’s always so nice when we are finally able to take them right after work again!


  2. I just saw a pin recently of a jewel toned dress with a polka dot cardigan buttoned up and belted over it (or maybe it was a polka dot dress with a jewel tone cardigan) .. either way, it was super cute, you could try buttoning up your cardigan and seeing how that works!


  3. i love this, caroline! that magenta color of your dress is so pretty, and i love the fun polka dots. it doesn’t look too bunchy from what i can see, i actually really like the belt on the outside of the cardigan!


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