is burgundy a neutral?

DSC_7298I was about to entitle this post “neutrals + burgundy,” but then I couldn’t decide if burgundy itself counts as a neutral. It certainly plays well with all shades of brown, black, and even navy. Regardless, today’s outfit was all about black, taupe, and my burgundy satchel.

DSC_7295Don’t let my short sleeved blouse fool you–it’s plenty chilly here in Alabama. We had a little pre-spring over the weekend (temperatures in the 60s!), so I assumed that lovely weather would carry over to today…but I was sorely mistaken. Brrr!

DSC_7275black chiffon blouse: Loft via ThredUp*, similar // black + taupe polka dot jeans: Loft via Poshmark**, similar // nude wedges: CL by Laundry via DSW, exact // gold station necklace: Etsy, similar // burgundy satchel: Forever 21, similar

*Join ThredUp with the link provided, and we each get a $10 credit!

**Sign up for Poshmark and use code BUJGC, and we both get a $5 credit!

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8 thoughts on “is burgundy a neutral?

  1. I used to think neutral referred to a shade of beige-y tan. Then I thought the only neutrals were black, white, tan, grey, and navy. Google tells me now that neutrals refer to any color that doesn’t show up on the color wheel. So I guess it just depends what color wheel you’re looking at!


    • I used to be the same way in thinking that “neutral” meant khaki/beige. I think that’s probably true for paint colors (I don’t necessarily want a burgundy bedroom!), but not for clothing. Thanks for Googling for me 🙂


  2. i was just reading kate’s reply above mine, which led me to also agree that i am not even sure what the definition of neutral is anymore – i feel like olive green has definitely moved into neutral territory, which i always took to be black, gray, brown even. but either way, i love the hue of that bag and it definitely looks great against the mostly black ensemble you’re wearing! i always love seeing your purses/bags!


    • I think you’re right–olive has definitely taken on the neutral role! I’m glad that you like seeing the bag. I like to include it whenever I think it really impacts my overall look.


  3. I’m so confused about what a neutral even is anymore after reading Kate’s and Heidi’s comments! I suppose I always think of anything black, white, gray, cream, brown, beige, etc. to be neutral, but now olive and navy seem to be neutrals, so why not maroon?!

    Okay, either way, though, you’re so cute and those polka dot pants are so much fun!


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