January 2015 Budget

A new year, a new budget! I’m pleased that I was able to stay in budget last year, so let’s see if I can do it again in 2015. Here’s a look at the first purchases of the year:




  • ivory + dark green luxetouch tees {Banana Republic Factory} $11 each seen here I’ve proclaimed my love for Banana’s LuxeTouch tees before, so suffice it to say that they’re awesomely comfortable. I love the ribbon detail on the collar too!
  • black lace circle skirt {Banana Republic Factory} $15 This was a clearance rack gem I found during the after-Christmas sales. To be honest, I don’t have a specific reason for owning it, but it fits well. I think it will be versatile enough to wear several different ways.
  • red blazer {H+M} $35 I bought a red blazer a while ago from Twice, but it wasn’t fulfilling my needs. The fact that it was wool and really didn’t fit that well limited its use, so I sold it and bought this lighter weight one instead. H+M’s blazers fit me really well, which is amazing considering my disproportionately broad shoulders. I ordered it online without trying it on, so I got lucky!
  • red vest {Crown + Ivy via Belk} $25 seen here I keep collecting vests. Don’t judge me.
  • gray quilted dress {Loft via eBay} $25 seen here This was another replacement item–my old gray dress was just too short and revealing for me to feel comfortable wearing it. I like the cut and fabric of this one much better!
  • black + gold glitter sneakers {Keds} $40 These were a total impulse purchase. I’ve always admired the Kate Spade glitter Keds, but I just can’t justify spending 90 bucks on a pair of sneakers (at least ones not intended for running). These are very similar, but cost much less! I think my 3-year-old niece likes these just as much as I do 🙂
  • tortoise bow belt {Banana Republic Factory} $5 I’m a big fan of tortoise anything, and the bow on this belt was just too cute to resist. I really need to wear this, pronto!
  • champagne wedge flats {CL by Laundry via Amazon} $18 I’ve found that metallics make for really great neutrals, which was the reasoning behind this purchase. They’re a little more understated than my gold glitter pumps, so I could feasibly wear these to work.

January total: $178

2015 total: $178

Remaining budget: $1822

I think I got a good mix of work staples (the dress, blazer, and skirt) as well as some fun splurges (the sneakers!). I’m a little concerned that I haven’t worn many of these items yet–hopefully they end up being wise purchases! I already have my eye on several items for next month, including a boucle jacket (like this) and a gold chain necklace (I’m waiting for this one to go on clearance).

How did you do this month?

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11 thoughts on “January 2015 Budget

  1. oh, i love those metallic wedges, caroline – and they are the perfect mini wedge height! thanks for linking to them, i may definitely consider purchasing myself a pair as i have a few items sitting in my amazon shopping cart right now and you are right about how versatile that subtle metallic would be!

    and how did i not know there was a BR factory store online??


    • I just discovered the BRF site recently too. I haven’t ordered online yet, as I’m lucky enough to have a store really closeby. But it might come in handy when I’m trying to find an item that’s out of stock in store!


    • I know, the glitter Keds were kind of an out-of-the-ordinary purchase for me too. They’re pretty fun and go with most colors. I think they’re even further discounted now on the Keds website, if you’re interested!


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