old navy review

I always enjoy it when other bloggers (such as Fran) post reviews of recent clothing purchases. I put in an order at Old Navy this past week, and I thought I’d share my thoughts on the items. (Spoiler alert: I liked them).

Oh, and please don’t judge me for how dirty my bedroom mirror is!

long-sleeved wrap dress in blackjack, paid $15.00

DSC_7482This purchase was a bit of a gamble in that my size was sold out, so I went with a size smaller. Wrap dresses are inherently forgiving in terms of fit, and I knew it was made of a jersey material that would allow for some flexibility…so I figured it was worth the risk. Fortunately, this size seems to fit just fine, with the exception of the extra room in the bust (but that’s true of pretty much all dresses for me!). I doubt I would wear this dress without a camisole underneath, but I think it will be versatile enough that I’m willing to overlook that fact.

Verdict: Keep

patterned chiffon shirt in black stripe, paid $10.70

DSC_7471I actually first spotted this top in the Old Navy outlet near me, and it was ridiculously cheap there–less than 10 bucks! But again, they only had limited sizes left. Because I have broad shoulders for my frame, I didn’t want to gamble on this one. So I ordered it online for almost the same price. I was hoping that the fabric wouldn’t be so sheer, but as you can see, I would have to wear a camisole underneath it. I will have to brainstorm a few ways to wear it before I decide to keep it (suggestions are always welcome!).

Verdict: Maybe

stretch twill shorts in mini mint, paid $8.00

DSC_7475OK, so these shorts are really the reason I placed the order in the first place. I am such a sucker for colorful shorts, and this pair is such a pretty pastel color–it reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream (sans chocolate chips, of course). I would say that the color is slightly more subdued in person than it appears online. As for fit: a 3 1/2-inch inseam is about as short as I am willing to go–these are short but not obscene. Plus, there’s a bit of extra room in the waist band, so I can wear them lower on my hips for a little added length.

Verdict: Keep

sueded pumps in fuschia, paid $12.48

DSC_7459I’ve been looking for some colorful heels to add into rotation–my poor black wedges get pretty constant wear these days. These pumps are not the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever worn, as they’re slightly stiff. That being said, I would say they fit pretty true to size. I typically wear somewhere between an 8.5 to 9 in shoes, and I have enough room to groove in these (I ordered a size 9). I absolutely love the color and the shape, and I can see wearing them with several different outfits.

Verdict: Keep

Which items would you keep, if any? Let me know in the comments below!

Old Navy is running a sale through 2/4/15 for 20% off your purchase online, plus you can use Super Cash!


8 thoughts on “old navy review

  1. I bought those same heels but went with a 9 (I’m an 8.5) but those were too big for me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put the 8s in my online shopping cart, but never bought them. If I had been able to snag them for $12, I totally would have gotten them. And those shorts are definite keepers!


    • I have to say that it’s really annoying that some stores don’t offer half-sizes in shoes. Most of the time I’m closer to a 9 anyway, but I have to imagine that it’s frustrating for people like you who are a true 8.5.


  2. The shorts are absolutely my favorite! I’d probably send back the striped top – just because I have a few tops from Old Navy like that, and I always think they are a good idea, and then I rarely wear them. But if you think you’d wear it a lot, you might want to keep it, because it is cute.


    • I ended up taking your advice, Andi! As much I liked the idea of having a striped button-up, this one was just not the right one. It didn’t fit very well, and the fabric was a little cheap looking.


  3. I love the dress and shorts that you kept! From my experience, I’d recommend returning the striped top (if you haven’t already). I’ve really cut down on buying tops at Old Navy because they often are way too wrinkly, or clingy/static-y, or flimsy. This one is cute, but I’ve had some in that material from ON before and they just don’t hold up well at all.


    • I did indeed end up returning that striped top. I decided it was the material I was looking for, and it really didn’t have much of a fit to it. I’m sure there will be others that I like much better!


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