purple + python

DSC_7395I’ve always been a big fan of purple + leopard, but sometimes that’s a hard combination to pull off while still remaining professional. I have a leopard print shirt that would look really great with these purple jeans…but I’m not brave enough to wear that combination to work (yet).

DSC_7411Somehow, in my crazy brain I think that this neutral python print top is more subtle and work appropriate. Plus, I think it helped that I had the jacket layered on top for most of the day.

DSC_7387In the end, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who cares how I dress, so I should probably just wear whatever I like!

DSC_7371snakeskin top: Apt. 9 via Poshmark*, similar // cognac faux leather jacket: NY + Company, similar // purple jeans: Loft Outlet, similar // cognac wedges: Jessica Simpson via 6pm, exact

*Sign up for Poshmark and use code BUJGC, and we both get a $5 credit!

Is animal print acceptable attire in your workplace?


7 thoughts on “purple + python

  1. i love how the color of your jacket brings out the same color in your top! and the purple jeans are definitely a fun choice. i do agree that we are often the only ones who really think too much about what we wear… i often have to remind myself that i rarely remember what the people i encounter at work wear so what are the chances they remember my outfits? and if they do it must have meant it was memorable in a positive way!


  2. I really, really like this outfit, Caroline! The purple pants are so fun, and your python printed top is very cute as well. I totally wear animal print to my workplace – usually it’s leopard print, haha.


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