remix it: the denim jacket

I don’t even know if denim jackets are “cool” right now. I distinctly remember them being everywhere when I was in elementary school (in the late ’90s). Then somewhere after the turn of the century, they were uncool again–I know this because it was at that point that my sister kindly bequeathed her “dorky” denim jacket to me to wear (one of the many joys of being the youngest child = hand-me-downs). I have no idea where they stand nowadays, but I can say that I wear my denim jacket quite often, at pretty much at time of year.

denim jacket1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6







denim jacket options: Tommy Hilfiger {dark wash}, Vince Camuto {vest}, Levi’s {white and lighter washes}

Obviously, I really like wearing my denim jacket as an extra layer in the summertime (note all the looks with shorts). But I think this piece easily lends itself to a variety of looks, including with dresses, skirts, and casual pants. I’m looking forward to springtime when I’ll be able to wear mine with sundresses!

How would you wear a denim jacket?


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