a tale of two belts

DSC_7717Many moons ago, before I even had any interest in style, my mom bought me a two-pack of belts from Macy’s. One was the skinny black belt I wear all the time, and the other was the gray leopard belt you see in today’s outfit. The sad thing is, this is the first time I’ve worn this belt after having owned it for at least five years. That means it has probably survived at least ten closet purges! I guess I knew I’d have a use for it someday…

DSC_7708I must admit that it complements my gray dress quite nicely! However, I’m not sure it’s worth keeping if this is the only item of clothing with which it coordinates. How would you wear a belt like this one?


DSC_7726Other things that coordinate nicely in this outfit? My lipstick and my cardigan. Unlike the belt and dress, that match was unintentional!

DSC_7695gray quilted dress: Loft via eBay, similar // gray leopard belt: Nine West via Macy’s, similar (python), similar (different colors but adorable!)// burgundy cardigan: J.Crew Factory, exact // black booties: Forever 21, similar


13 thoughts on “a tale of two belts

  1. Oh my gosh, Caroline! I bet you could wear this belt with ANYTHING! It’s so cute and because it’s neutral, it would go with any other neutral or color! I like the gray + maroon together – I wore my gray dress and maroon cardigan together on the blog in the last couple of weeks and looooved how they looked together 🙂


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