on shirt-tucking

DSC_8078For most of my adult life, I’ve avoided tucking in my shirt like the plague. I mean, all that adjustment of layers to avoid lumps and bumps just seemed like too much work.

DSC_8072Recently though, I’ve realized that simply tucking in my shirt can actually change the whole look of an outfit. It adds a little structure to the silhouette of a look and generally makes it seem more polished. I know you all are probably reading this, thinking “well, duh,” but it’s been a bit of a fashion epiphany for me!

DSC_8114As for today’s outfit, I really like the combination of green, gold, + leopard, as evidenced by the fact that I’ve worn the three together before (here and here). Considering the frequency with which I wear these jeans, I’m thinking that I’d like to add a skirt in this color green (as I call it, Robin Hood green) to my closet at some point.

DSC_8097white button-up shirt: thrifted Banana Republic, similar (classic), similar (oversized) // green jeans: Loft Outlet, similar // cognac wedges: Jessica Simpson via 6pm, exact // gold link necklace: J.Crew Factory via Poshmark*, exact // leopard belt: Merona via Target, similar, similar

*Sign up for Poshmark using code BUJGC, and we both get a $5 credit!


12 thoughts on “on shirt-tucking

  1. i love how all of the elements in this outfit came together, caroline! i’ve always been a fan of tucking and this outfit represents why so perfectly – you look great!


  2. I prefer tucked in tops, but I also think tucked in looks are better with belts. But sometimes pants look weird when the belt loops are huge and the belts are skinny, I end up just leaving it untucked. Outfits can be so complicated. You look great though!


  3. Ooooh, this is great, Caroline! I love the way tucked in shirts look on other people, but I kind of hate how they look on me. Sigh. The combination of the Robin Hood green (love that description, by the way!), crisp white, and leopard belt looks so great together 🙂


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