hey, preppy

DSC_8230If you haven’t watched this clip yet, click on over. You’re welcome.

Were I to encounter Slater today (a girl can dream!), he would probably greet me the same way he does Zack–“hey, preppy!” I wore my long neglected plaid blazer, which is probably the preppiest (er, most preppy, prep-tastic?) item I own. I’m not really sure why I’ve neglected this blazer for so long (you can see the last time I wore it here). I think maybe it would be easier to style if the plaid had black in it, like the one J.Crew Factory has on clearance right now. I still love it though, so I thought it would make the perfect candidate for this week’s PMT Style Challenge: wear something you haven’t worn in 6+ months.

DSC_8227The perfectly prepster look is slightly ruined, however, by the fact that my hair is all over the place. The wind was out of control today! Don’t worry–I’ll save a few bloopers for a future post 🙂

DSC_8250I’m thinking I’ll try wearing this blazer with a skirt the next time around, something like this pin.

How would you wear a plaid blazer?

DSC_8206navy + green plaid blazer: Loft Outlet, similar, similar // blue jewel collar button-up: Elle via eBay, similar, similar, similar // straight jeans: Loft Outlet, similar, similar // brown ankle boots: Jessica Simpson via Amazon, exact, very similar

Linking up with Audrey for the PMT Style Challenge!


9 thoughts on “hey, preppy

  1. cute look, caroline! i love a classic, preppy look and plaid definitely gives that vibe! i think the navy in it would be just as versatile as black, so hopefully you can find ways to wear it – maybe with a navy skirt or navy slacks?


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