hail, snow, + pink

DSC_8605Just as I stepped outside to take these outfit photos, something began falling from the sky. Truthfully, I have no idea whether it was hail, snow, or frozen rain (really, what’s the difference?). Ask me about tornadoes, and I can tell you all about the Fujita Damage Scale, but when it comes to this winter nonsense, I’m clueless.

DSC_8578So when I returned ran back inside to my comfortably heated living room, I turned on the news. You would think it was the end of the world: “SNOW FLURRIES REPORTED IN BIRMINGHAM.” I guess after last year’s snowpocalypse, everyone is on high alert.

DSC_8629OK, weather rant over. I’m sure you’re tired of reading those. My outfit today was another rendition of vest + jeans + boots, although at least this time I wore an interesting necklace too.

DSC_8558navy + white striped 3/4 sleeve tee: thrifted Old Navy, similar, similar // pink quilted vest: Mindy Mae’s Market, similar, similar // dark wash straight jeans: Loft Outlet, similar, similar // cognac leather boots: Timberland, similar, similar // tortoise link necklace: Etsy, similar, similar

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6 thoughts on “hail, snow, + pink

  1. heh, it’s always fun hearing about weather stories in different parts of the country. my parents are in atlanta and i certainly heard about the dusting of snow on their back deck last week! i love how the brown shade of your necklace picks out the same shade of brown in your boots!


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