help me shop: tweed moto jacket

For the past several months, I’ve been searching for a tweed-ish/boucle/marled moto jacket. Specifically, something along these lines:

tweed moto jacket



I really like the Chanel-vibe of the tweed combined with the slight edginess of a moto jacket. Plus, I think it would be quite versatile–I could wear it with jeans like dear Carly Rae here, or I could wear it with a dress. So I’ve tried out a couple options thus far, and I thought I would share my findings.

piperlime collection graphic tweed moto jacket, $25 via Poshmark

Tasteful Style

10I really wanted to love this jacket. This jacket originally cost $98 from Piperlime, but the seller on Poshmark had marked it down to $30. After a little negotiation, I got it for $25, and I was pretty excited for it to arrive. However, when it came, there were a few things I noticed up front. First, it was much heavier than anticipated. I was thinking it would be more like a light jacket as opposed to a thick wool coat. Second, the fit was less than perfect. It was slightly tight in the shoulders (not uncommon in jackets for me), and the sleeves were too long. I thought I could make it work (see this post), but I just don’t think it’s worth keeping. Unfortunately, all sales are final on Poshmark, so I re-listed it in an attempt to get my money back.

herringbone moto jacket, $24 via New York + Company

Tasteful Style1

8I spotted this jacket a few weeks ago when New York + Company was having one of its crazy sales (BOGO AND $100 OFF!). The store finder indicated that it was not available at my local store, so I bought it online (and filled out my cart with another item to get free shipping, of course). This one is almost a winner. It’s slightly boxy, but it fits me pretty well otherwise. It’s fully lined and is medium weight, which would make it a good transition piece. I’m undecided about whether this is my best option.

textured moto cardigan, $36 via New York + Company

Tasteful Style2

14Truthfully, I just added this to my cart to get free shipping in the aforementioned transaction. I did like that it was a sweater-jacket hybrid, which meant there would be no pesky shoulder pads. Those things are never flattering on me–my shoulders are plenty big enough, thank you! Anyway, I liked the faux leather details and the fact that there are pockets. It looked nice zipped up, but it was pretty sloppy looking when left unzipped. Plus, there were loose threads all over the place–stuck to the jacket itself as well as my clothes. I would be tempted to keep this sweater if it were $10 but certainly not for almost $40.

marled boucle moto jacket, $28 via Forever 21

Tasteful Style3

18This was actually the first jacket I had my eye on, ever since last December. They’ve been sold out of everything except mediums for a while now, and I kept hoping they would get some smalls back in stock; the reviews had indicated that it runs big. When my Piperlime jacket didn’t work out, I figured it was worth trying the medium in this one–Forever 21’s sizing has been notoriously all over the place in the past (at least in my experience). When it came, I found that it was indeed pretty big by Forever 21’s standards. It’s a stretch to call this a “jacket”–it’s much more like a structured cardigan (not that I really mind–it’s quite cozy!). I really like the length on this option in that it’s full length and not cropped. Another benefit is that this sweater is machine washable, which means that it could theoretically shrink down a bit in the wash. This one is still in the running.

So, here’s where I would love your feedback–which one do you think I should keep? Let me know in the comments, or use the poll below!


7 thoughts on “help me shop: tweed moto jacket

  1. I like the NY&C first one most, as it seems all the other ones are too big on you. The F21 one was a close second, but only if you can get it to shrink. Would you regret sending them all back? If not, then I’d keep looking. Good luck!


    • I think I’ve decided to keep the NY+Co herringbone one (the first one). My mom informed me that the F21 probably won’t shrink since there is some polyester in it. So back it goes. I tried on the NY+Co one with a few other outfits (jeans, skirt, etc), and I think it’s the best option. I considered returning all of them, but I think I would regret it. Plus, based on all the herringbone vest outfits out there, I think we all can agree that herringbone is a pretty versatile pattern!


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