DSC_9289In case you haven’t noticed, I tend to gravitate toward simple outfits: neutrals + one pop of color + one piece of jewelry–done.Occasionally, I’ll come up with a look that is outside of my prescribed formula, and I’ll start to doubt myself. “Will I look like a weirdo if I wear this?” (Yes, my inner monologue has the vocabulary of a nine-year-old).

DSC_9276But then, I have to remind myself: What would Stacy and Clinton say (WWSACS)?



I’ve watched hundreds of episodes of What Not to Wear, and I don’t think they ever said that you can only have one “pop” of color. So, today I’m wearing bright blue AND bright pink AND a fun print.

DSC_9273black + white polka dot blouse: J.Crew Factory via Poshmark*, similar, similar // cobalt ankle pants: Michael Kors via Belk, similar, similar // fuschia pumps: Old Navy, exact, similar // multistrand pearl necklace: J.Crew Factory, exact, similar

*Sign up for Poshmark using code BUJGC, and we both get a $5 credit!


5 thoughts on “WWSACS?

  1. I almost thought your title was the anagram for “will I look like a weirdo if I wear this” but then I realized it wasn’t. But still. WILLAWIIWT. For sure.


  2. you always look polished and put together from my perspective, caroline, and i feel that you have such a discernible, classy style. i love when you push the box a bit like you did with this outfit!


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