March 2015 Budget

Since my last budget post, I’ve done quite a bit of returning and buying. Most notably, I returned the moto jacket I included in my February budget. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I was buying something that was “good enough” but not exactly what I wanted. So I returned it in hopes of finding the perfect boucle moto jacket in the future. There were also a few other buy-and-return transactions, but here’s what I’ve ended up with (for now, anyway!).


  • silver anchor link necklace {Ann Taylor} $20 Most of the time, I wear gold jewelry, but every now and then I think that a silver necklace would look much better. I bought this very classic one for any such occasion. Side note: I hadn’t been into Ann Taylor for years until this month, and I must say that I like their styles much better than I did in the past. Either I’m getting old, or they’re designing for younger women. Maybe it’s both? Regardless, I think I’ll be shopping there more frequently in the future.
  • gold spear necklace {Purple Peridot} $10 seen here I’ve mentioned a couple times that my favorite gold tassel necklace started tarnishing/changing color after a year of pretty constant wear. Finding a replacement that wasn’t too fancy proved to be quite a challenge. I found this one for a steal a few weeks ago, and while it’s not fine quality either, it will suit my needs for now.
  • solid pashminas {Amazon} $10-13 each seen here I mentioned last month that I am attempting to expand my scarf collection. Well, the ones I wanted to buy (a pretty floral one and a J.Crew paisley one) were both sold out by the time I got around to shopping. In the end, I decided to go with a few inexpensive solid colored pashminas that will be much more versatile.
  • paisley silky tee {J.Crew Factory via eBay} $20 A few months ago, I fell in love with this print when J.Crew Factory released several pieces in it. I waited around to buy anything though–I figured that since it was still winter, the shorts and tee in the print would go on deep discount by the time spring came around. Too bad everything in this print sold out! I scoured eBay for the silky tee and was able to get a new one for just $20 (compared to $70 if I had bought it full price). I love all the colors, and I can’t wait to wear it over the next couple of months!
  • floral blazer {SheInside} $30 I’ve been looking for a fun floral blazer for a while, but I find that some of the prints out there veer into “my grandmother’s couch” territory. I though the cut and print of this one were pretty though. I’m imagining it paired with white jeans or a colorful pencil skirt. Buyer beware though: this blazer runs quite small. I ordered a large, and I typically wear a US 4 in blazers. Definitely use the measurements provided on the website!
  • navy blue + red grid dress {Gap via Poshmark} $33 OK, so this might not have been my wisest purchase. Thirty-plus dollars is a bit much for a dress that I probably won’t wear every day, even if it was new with tags. That being said, I think it’s a dress that will span the seasons due to the 3/4 sleeves and lightweight material. I’m already planning on wearing it for Memorial Day weekend!
  • red flared skirt {Loft}, $20 A red skirt seems like a pretty useful thing to have in a professional wardrobe, so when I found this one on the sale rack, I couldn’t say no. It didn’t hurt that it perfectly matched the polka dot shirt…
  • red polka dot utility shirt {Loft} $22 As my mom said, this top is just so “me.” It’s no secret I appreciate a polka dot, but this piece was unlike anything I already own. Hopefully, it ends up being a piece I keep for years to come.

March total: $188

2015 total: $515

Remaining budget: $1485

I’m not totally satisfied with my purchases this month, as I think a few too many were impulse purchases. While I will definitely get use out of the scarves, necklaces, and paisley top, I think the other items were “just for fun.” Knowing me, I still may return them, but I’m not ready to part with them just yet; I need to ruminate a bit longer. As for my current wishlist, I’m looking for a fully lined white blazer (love this, but it would be a major splurge), a pink dress (like this one), and a pair of gray skinny jeans (like these).

What did you buy in March?

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15 thoughts on “March 2015 Budget

  1. The grid dress is my favorite purchase of yours this month! It may seem like a lot, but you will get the cost-per-wear down before you know it! That floral blazer is really pretty too!


  2. i recognized the print of that j crew blouse right away and it was something i had my eye on too but never ended up in my shopping basket! i know i’ve mentioned this before, but you are so great at scouring the web to find deals on secondhand sites! i’m kind of in love with that pink dress you linked too but sadly it looks like it’s only available in very limited sizes? i could definitely see that on you though!


  3. I just got a shirt from sheinside and I agree on the sizing, I also ordered a large and feel like it’s a small/medium. I do like what you bought, but I understand about impulse purchases, I feel like I did that at the beginning of a season, then return a few things and get back into a more thoughtful groove.


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