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I always like at least a few Target clothing items every season, but I’ve found their spring offerings this year particularly enticing. Accordingly, I’ve bought a few items–some in store (two tops), some online (two dresses). Read on to find out my thoughts on each…

women’s printed crepe shell in green/white (floral), $16

floral topI am on a major floral kick these days, which is kind of interesting considering I spent my teenage years loathing anything that even resembled a floral print. Anyway, I really liked the colors in this top, and I thought it was a bit more professional looking than my beloved floral tee. However, I think the colors are a bit too similar to the aforementioned tee. The fit isn’t all that flattering either.

Verdict: Return

women’s printed crepe shell in drizzle gray (polka dots), $16

polka dot topGray is fast becoming my new favorite neutral, particularly for springtime. It looks so lovely with pastels and saturated hues alike. So that was my incentive for buying this top…oh, and I also had a buy two, get $5 off coupon. This is the exact same top as above but in another print, so the fit is of the same mediocre quality. I also don’t like how it’s pretty see-through, meaning I would have to wear a layer underneath. I had envisioned wearing these tops throughout the summer, which is not a time when I want to be layering.

Verdict: Return

women’s ponte sheath dress in so pink, $28

pink dressI recently read a review of this dress on Heidi’s blog; she seemed to like her mint version a lot, so I thought it was worth trying. I absolutely love the color–a vibrant rosy pink. However, I did not love the fit. It was much more form fitting than I had anticipated; I would feel self-conscious wearing something like this. The overall fit was also just a bit off. I couldn’t get a picture, but the zipper kind of bumped along my spine awkwardly rather than laying flat. The fit in the shoulders was also only OK. I’m not sure sizing up would solve those problems, so I think I’ll just keep looking. I’m hoping I can get this one in my size during the next flash sale!

Verdict: Return

women’s floral crepe shift dress in ebony, $12

floral dressTo be honest, this dress was a last-minute add-on to qualify for a BOGO 50% off promotion. Again, I liked the floral print, but this time it’s unlike anything else I own. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this dress on. It’s very lightweight and comfortable, and the colors are quite vibrant in person. I also loved that it matched my pink heels perfectly 🙂 I don’t really need this dress, but it’s pretty cute for just $12! Depending on what else I end up buying this month, I may or may not decide to return this dress. It’s a good thing I have 90 days to decide!

Verdict: Maybe

Which items would you keep? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


14 thoughts on “target review

  1. interesting to read your reviews on some of the same items that i bought recently from target! i’m sorry those shells didn’t work out for you. i tried the green version i own of your pink dress on again this week thinking i would wear it to work, and i was reminded that it is a bit more form fitting than the fit & flare version i have. i tried to layer a button down underneath it and the buttons were visible underneath the fabric of the dress (hate that) and the material is so thick that it was difficult to layer a cardigan over it. i had such high hopes about that dress that i was willing to overlook some things, but now you are making me think about it more objectively and i may find myself returning it as well. 😦 i hope you keep that floral dress around though as it looks awesome on you and fits you like a glove!


    • Ah, bummer that the green dress isn’t as amazing as you thought. It does have some things going for it (such pretty color options!), but it just wasn’t right for my needs.


  2. I agree with your verdict on the two tops, but I think the pink dress looks fabulous on you! But ultimately how you feel in it is most important, so if you wouldn’t feel comfortable in it, then returning it sounds like the right call. As far as the floral dress goes, ask yourself if you can find three different ways to wear it and ask yourself whether you see yourself wearing it this time next year. Good luck deciding!


    • Kate, you’re always so sensible when it comes to these things–I love getting your feedback on these reviews. Your comment convinced me that the floral dress really wasn’t worth keeping. Yes, it was cute and fit well, but it lacked versatility, I think. Back it went.


  3. I like the tops, they look comfortable. I imagine them tucked into a nice skirt or even maybe hanging over a shorts on a casual evening. To layer them without feeling like you are wearing too much clothing, old navy has a cotton cami for about $5 that would work well and they come in a variety of colors, they run big, so size down. The pink dress is nice, but if it bunches in the back, that is a no go. The floral dress is pretty, and you can wear it with a variety of colors, whether it be accessories, a cardigan or shoes. Even a denim jacket over this dress could make it seem different. Enjoy, great purchases.



  4. I returned my pink dress, too!! I didn’t like the lines in the front, and my zipper bunched!! 😦 boo cause I loved the color!!


  5. Thanks for your review of the Target tops – I had been considering getting the floral one, but now I think I definitely need to try it on in store before ordering it.


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  7. Yep, the black floral dress is a clear winner for me! You look really great in it, and it looks very true to your style even though you don’t have anything like it in your closet right now. It could be dressed up for something a little more formal, but with a denim jacket and some flats or sneakers, it could look cute as well!


    • All great ideas, Brynn! I actually ended up returning it, just because it really didn’t fulfill a need in my closet right now. That being said, if it shows up on the clearance rack, it might come back home with me 🙂


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