in her Easter bonnet…

DSC_0565Every year when Easter rolls around, I think about this one home movie we have from when my sisters and I were pretty young (I think I was about three). We all filed out of the front door in our Easter ensembles (complete with white straw hats), while my dad sang “In her Easter bonnet, with all the thrills upon it…” It’s so dorky but so endearing.

So you can bet that I had that song stuck in my head as I was taking my Easter outfit pictures.

DSC_0552I deviated from tradition this year by opting for a skirt + top rather than my usual dress. This skirt actually has an interesting story associated with it. I found it on Poshmark (where else?) for $20 down from its retail price of $138. The catch? There was a small tear in the seam on the back. I showed it to my expert seamstress (aka Mom), and she said she could easily fix it. Add in some leftover credit from selling my castoffs, and I got it for free! Yee-haw!

DSC_0531navy lace top: thrifted Merona, similar, similar // floral pencil skirt: J.Crew via Poshmark*, similar, similar // nude pointy pumps: H&M, similar, similar // multistrand pearl necklace: J.Crew Factory, exact, similar 

*Sign up for Poshmark using code BUJGC, and we both get a $5 credit!


8 thoughts on “in her Easter bonnet…

  1. Such a pretty skirt! I think this exact one was the one that made me want a floral skirt for my closet. I never found one as great, but I’ll enjoy it when you wear it 🙂


    • It has taken me a while to find a floral skirt I liked. I had a mediocre one I got at Burlington last year, but I was never excited about wearing it, so I sold it. I’m glad I found this one though!


  2. i love this j crew print! what a great find, and even better that your mom could fix something so simple! i’ve gone to my mom with that same request many a time 🙂


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