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I feel like such a sucker. Last month, when I bought my red polka dot shirt and matching skirt, the sales lady convinced me to open up a Loft card. I mean, how could I say no to an extra 40% off? Well, fast forward a few weeks, and I’ve made several transactions due to flash sales, cardmember perks, and other irresistible marketing tactics. Well, Loft, your ruse to get me to buy more of your merchandise has been very successful.

All that being said, I’m not planning on keeping all of the items I’ve bought. Here’s a look at the goods.

quilted jacquard flare dress, $35

Tasteful Style1As you may recall from my last review post, I am on the hunt for a pink dress. I tried one from Target that was too form-fitting for my taste, so I thought a fit-and-flare style like this one would be more my style. They were sold out of my normal size, but some of the reviews indicated it ran big, so I ordered a size down (left), as well as my normal size in the petite version (right). The petite version gave me room in the torso, but the waistline was just a little higher than my natural waist. The length was about an inch or two shorter as well. The regular version fit me better in the shoulders and more nearly fit my waist. My only complaint is that the fabric is a little clingy, so it highlights my ribcage fat (trust me, it’s a thing). Nonetheless, it satisfies enough of my criteria that I’ll likely keep it.

Verdict: Keep

scallop jacquard riveria shorts in black, $20

black shortsThese shorts and the pair below were actually items I just added to my order to get free shipping. I absolutely love the scallop detail on these, and I think they fit pretty well. That being said, I already own a pair of black shorts, so I really can’t justify keeping these.

Verdict: Return

scallop chambray riviera shorts, $22

denim shortsIn all honesty, I had higher hopes for these shorts. I’m often between sizes in shorts and I ordered the smaller in these, since the reviewers indicated that they ran large. Even still, they were pretty roomy. I think the overall look was just a little…sloppy. Ironing them would probably help, but overall I didn’t think they were flattering. Perhaps they would be cute on someone tall and thin?

Verdict: Return

windowpane circle skirt, $18

circle skirtI’ve spotted this skirt on a few of my favorite bloggers, and I really fell in love with it over the past couple months. So when Loft had a 70% off flash sale, making it just $18, I had to order it! I had fully intended on keeping it until I looked at this picture–it makes me look a bit big through the middle here. Maybe a belt would help…

Verdict: Maybe

white modern skinny jeans, $35

white jeansMy current pair of white jeans (in Loft’s modern straight cut) doesn’t really fit me all that well right now. The waist is too big, and they’re a few inches too long, so as a result, I have to wear flowy shirts with them and cuff the hem. Not ideal. So I tried the modern skinny cut instead. This pair is definitely a better fit in the waist, but they’re still just a smidge too long (I rolled two tiny cuffs in these pictures). However, the quality is good, and they’re NOT see-through, which is a problem with a lot of other white pants/jeans I’ve tried in the past. I’m still debating whether they’re worth $35.

Verdict: Maybe

So what would you keep?


14 thoughts on “loft review

  1. I really like the window pane skirt, it’s adorable and I don’t think you look big in it at all. I got those same white jeans and love them, I cuff them twice as well.


  2. I’m really glad that you got the pink dress – it looks lovely on you! And I REALLY like the white jeans. Even though they were $35, I know you’ll get tons of wear out of them!


  3. The pink dress is my favorite on you. I waffled over the grid print skirt during a recent trip to Loft but passed because I already have two white with black striped skirts. I like it on you though and it looks great with the red top!


    • Your comment actually convinced me to return the skirt too. I have a few black + white patterned skirts (stripes, polka dots, houndstooth…), so I decided I really didn’t need it. Thanks for keeping me on track!


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