geometric + neon

DSC_0686It’s getting to be the busy time of the semester again–in fact, the last day of classes is on Friday. Wait, wasn’t Christmas just last week?

DSC_0675With classes coming to a close, I’ve got lots of academic work to complete, including two presentations. I wore this outfit for the first one last week, which was everything you ever wanted to know about dietary cholesterol. Scintillating stuff, I know…well, at least it is for us nutrition nerds.

DSC_0688Black + white is always chic and professional, but I decided to add a little interest with my neon belt and gold chain necklace. It ended up being a great choice, as I was comfortable and cool–am I the only who starts burning up the second I start speaking in front of a crowd? Public speaking is so not my forte. Blogging is much more my speed 🙂

DSC_0661black + white geometric shift dress: Merona via Poshmark*, similar, similar // neon yellow belt: J.Crew via eBay, similar, similar // black patent leather wedges: CL by Chinese Laundry via DSW, exact, similar // gold link necklace: J.Crew via Poshmark*, similar, similar

*Sign up for Poshmark with code BUJGC, and we both get a $5 credit!


6 thoughts on “geometric + neon

  1. Holy cow, your semester is already coming to an end? I guess mine is too, but I’m not ready for it yet. (Somehow I feel like semesters go by so much faster as an educator than as a student.)


    • Yes, our spring semester ends way early. They recently shortened it from 16 to 14 weeks, meaning graduation occurs before the end of April! Craziness. I agree that this semester really flew by though.


  2. ok, stop it with you and your cute dresses and poshmark finds! i want to hire you as my personal shopper! good luck with the rest of your semester, caroline – finish out strong!


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