DSC_1013Today was my last day of class (LDOC, for the uninitiated), and I’m relieved to have another semester under my belt. One step closer to that PhDizzle.

DSC_1008This outfit ended up being an exceptionally poor choice, as there were torrential downpours in the afternoon, not to mention a twenty-degree temperature drop. Not exactly sandals and skirt weather.

Nonetheless, I do like the red, black, and white color palette. Plus, I’m glad I got another use out of my colorblock tote!

DSC_0997black + white grid top: Merona via Poshmark*, similar, similar // denim jacket: Mossimo via Target, similar, similar // red flippy skirt: Loft, exact, similar // black wedge sandals: Lauren Ralph Lauren via Macy’s, this year’s version, similar // black + white colorblock tote: Christian Siriano for Payless, exact, similar


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