April 2015 Budget

This past month has included two review posts (Target and Loft, in case you missed them!), but I actually didn’t end up keeping most of those items. Now that I’ve been shopping consciously for over a year now, I don’t really need much in terms of quantity of clothing…so I’m transitioning into buying fewer items that may cost more individually. Case in point: this month. I bought just six items instead of my usual ten+, but I spent about the same amount.

APRIL 2015

  • white skinny jeans {Loft} $35 seen here I mentioned in a previous post that my white jeans that I bought last year really don’t fit me that well. Every time I wore them, I was always pulling them up and adjusting the length, making me not want to wear them much. That seemed like a waste, so I thought I should look for a pair that fit better. This “modern skinny” pair is pretty great–they fit much better! [In case you’re interested, I’m selling my old pair on Poshmark].
  • navy flared skirt {J.Crew via Poshmark*} $18 To be honest, I already own two navy skirts: a pencil skirt and a lace casual skirt. But, I really wanted one that I could wear for work or play and didn’t make me feel self-conscious about my belly. This uber-flattering flared style seems to fit the bill!
  • navy gingham shirt {J.Crew Factory} $30 This item is another replacement. I’ve had a navy gingham button-up from JCPenney for about three years now, and I’ve worn it plenty. It’s just a little short on me, which made it awkward to wear with pants. So when JCF had a sale with free shipping, I was all over this shirt. [I’m also selling my old gingham shirt on Poshmark].
  • cognac wedge sandals {Jessica Simpson via eBay} $22 seen here, here, here I’ve been looking for some cognac wedge sandals that could be worn with casual and dressier outfits. Right now, at the beginning of the season, everything is full price, which is not how I roll…so I checked eBay. I love me some Jessica Simpson shoes, so I knew these would fit and be decent quality. Win!
  • pink jacquard flare dress {Loft} $36 seen here My hunt for a pink dress is over! I tried a few before landing on this one, which is the perfect blend of comfort, color, and cute (sorry, even I admit that was ridiculously corny). We’re invited to a wedding later this summer, and I’m thinking that maybe this would be a good choice, if dressed up with the right accessories.
  • cream + gray polka dot blouse {J.Crew via Poshmark*} $29 This item isn’t necessarily a “need,” but I have no doubt that it will get worn often. I’ve seen Lisa incorporate it into several outfits, so I know where to look for outfit inspiration 🙂 I think it will actually be an all-season piece: it’s lightweight enough to wear in the summer on its own, and I can layer with it during the winter.

April total: $169

2015 total: $684

Remaining budget: $1316

Unlike last month, I think this month’s purchases were all wise decisions. I’ve already worn them all (although some not for the blog yet), and I think they’ll be nice to have throughout the spring and summer.  As for my wishlist for next month, I don’t really have anything specific in mind (gasp!). We’ll see what May brings…

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12 thoughts on “April 2015 Budget

    • These jeans are not see-through it all, which is part of why I love them. I tried a few other pairs before I settled on these from Loft, and these were definitely the most opaque.


  1. I’m definitely all about going for quality over quantity – except when it comes to trendy pieces. Then the cheaper, the better. My goal is to reduce the amount I bring in this year, so we’ll see how that goes.


  2. It looks like you did some very smart shopping this month! I absolutely love that polka dot blouse! So cute. And I’m sure you’ll be getting tons of wear from those wedges! eBay is a great place for things like that!


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