remix it: the pink pumps

Up until now, I’ve featured clothing in my monthly re-mix it posts, but this time around I’m switching things up–we’re gonna talk about shoes. Specifically, we’re talking about my much beloved pink pumps. Truthfully, I bought these pumps on a whim–they were quite a bargain, and I needed to reach the minimum for free shipping. I’ve been surprised by how often I find myself reaching for them; colorful shoes are amazingly versatile!



1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5






pink pumps options: Madden Girl {D’Orsay} // Ivanka Trump {very high heel} // Ivanka Trump {round toe} // Nine West {kitten heel} // Kate Spade {splurge!}

I think what makes these pumps so versatile is that they’re comfortable enough that I can wear them to work. While I wouldn’t want to wear them on a day when I’m making multiple cross-campus jaunts, they’re appropriate for the average day; their moderate heel definitely makes them a more frequent choice than my other colorful pumps (such as these or these). Plus, sometimes a pop of pink is the perfect punctuation mark for an outfit!


9 thoughts on “remix it: the pink pumps

  1. Colorful shoes are so fun! I’ve mostly gotten away from heels, but I have some pink flats that I recently bought and have been wearing a lot. They really do just take an outfit to the next level!


  2. I had my eye on that pair for so long but missed my chance by the time I decided I should go for them. Colorful shoes really do come in handy some days!


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