DSC_1575I’ll be honest–I like trying new things when it comes to fashion, but sometimes I wimp out. For example, I recently asked for my IG friends’ input on deciding which color belt to wear with today’s outfit, and the response was pretty much unanimously in favor of a neon yellow one:

…but I wimped out. I put on the belt, and it just seemed like too much going on.

DSC_1547So I went for the safe option. Whomp, whomp.

DSC_1570Maybe someday I’ll make the neon + cobalt combination work…

DSC_1559snow leopard shell: Merona via Poshmark*, similar, similar // cobalt ankle pants: Michael Kors via Belk, similar, similar // black wedge sandals: Lauren Ralph Lauren via Macy’s, this year’s version, similar // black leather belt: Nine West via Macy’s, similar, similar

Do you ever “wimp out” on your planned outfits?


6 thoughts on “wimpy

  1. I think this really gets at the difference between outfits laid out on a bed/floor and outfits on a body. On many occasions I’ve laid out an outfit only to make changes at the last minute. Don’t feel like you wimped out! You just tweaked it to make it work. (And I like the black belt over the neon.)


    • Very true–sometimes I think I need to try on outfits before I plan on wearing them (well, at least for an important occasion). I’m often surprised at how different an outfit can look once it’s actually on!


  2. i think it’s good to get input from others, but in the end you are the person who has to wear the outfit and should always default to what you are most comfortable with! and i think the bright blue pants are an awesome way that you’ve added color into your outfit! by the way, if that is how you store your belts (rolled up & held together with rubber bands) – that’s ingenious!! i may need to copy that idea as i never have gotten my little belt hook screwed into the wall so right now my belts are out of control!


    • Yes, I store all my belts like that. I have a little clear bin that I keep on the top shelf in my closet so I can see them whenever I’m planning an outfit. It works great!


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