maternity wardrobe part i

As I type up this post, I am rapidly approaching the halfway mark of this pregnancy and just beginning to really wear maternity clothes on a regular basis. Fortunately, I haven’t had to spend a fortune on maternity wear just yet, thanks to hand-me-downs from my sisters and several pieces gifted to me by my mom. I’ve never done a capsule wardrobe before, but I suppose pregnancy is kind of forcing me into that manner of dressing myself. Here’s a look at the pieces I’ve curated thus far (note: the picture below doesn’t include every piece).

maternity wardrobe



  • 3 solid color short sleeve tees (black, white, blue)
  • 1 striped short sleeve tee (black + white)
  • 2 solid color long sleeve tees (dark pink, red)
  • 1 striped long sleeve tee (pink + white)



  • 2 solid color skirts (dark gray, navy)
  • 2 pairs jeans (skinny, boyfriend)
  • 1 pair colored jeans (coral)
  • 2 pairs dress pants (black, gray tweed)
  • 2 pairs solid color shorts (denim, white)


  • 3 maxi dresses (navy, black + white stripe, black)
  • 1 special occasion dress
  • 3 printed casual dresses (stripes, geometric)
  • 1 solid color casual dress (coral)

As you can see, I’ve tried to choose pieces that somewhat coordinate by sticking to a general color palette of neutrals, blues, and pinks. I also tried to include as much of my existing, non-maternity wardrobe as possible (e.g., the three maxi dresses). I’m planning on making full use of layering pieces (blazers, cardigans) and accessories (jewelry, scarves) to avoid boredom. This list includes most of what I’ll need for the duration of the pregnancy (I think), but I’m still on the hunt for a multi-purpose black dress.

*I’ve linked to the exact pieces when I could find them–many of them were hand-me-downs or purchased at an outlet store. 

So that’s my plan for the next five or so months. Here’s hoping I can keep the creativity flowing for that long!


2 thoughts on “maternity wardrobe part i

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  2. How wonderful that you were able to get so many maternity pieces from your sisters! I think your approach to a maternity wardrobe is spot on – if I were ever to need a maternity wardrobe, I’d probably take the same approach…use what I have and supplement with basics 🙂


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