breaking the seal

DSC_2794Welp, it’s official–I’ve started wearing maternity clothes. (This outfit is from last Tuesday, and it prompted me to type up a quick inventory of my maternity wardrobe over the weekend.)

DSC_2790This top is a hand-me-down from my sister, and I’m thinking it will be a favorite for the next several months. It’s plenty big for me to grow into, it’s comfy, and it has pretty lace details. What more could a (pregnant) girl ask for?

DSC_2805Technically, these shorts are not maternity, but I used the good ol’ rubber band trick–and it worked like a charm! I’m thinking I’ll use this trick for a few more weeks, as I only have two pairs of maternity shorts…and lots more weeks of hot weather left! I also have two of these bands to wear with pants, but I’m worried I’ll have a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of the day…

DSC_2776black lace detail top: Liz Lange for Target, similar, non-maternity // fuschia shorts: Gap via eBay, similar, similar // gold wedge sandals: Lauren Ralph Lauren via Amazon, exact, similar // gold watch: Fossil via Belk, exact, similar

^Taken at 18 weeks


3 thoughts on “breaking the seal

  1. I almost thought your post was going to be about peeing. Haha. Or is “breaking the seal” a regional expression? Anyway, you can never go wrong with pink and black. I wouldn’t think you would have a problem with the bands, but I have nothing to base that on. Here’s to no wardrobe malfunctions in your near future!


    • Ha! I guess this is what happens when I write my post title…and then write the post four hours later. What I meant to say is that I “broke the seal” on the box of maternity clothes, but I guess I was too scatterbrained to actually mention that in the body of the post.


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