July 2015 Budget

Typically, I find this time to of year particularly enticing for shopping–all the stores are offering such crazy good deals. This year, however, I’m finding that I’m not as tempted to BUY ALL THE THINGS due to this whole pregnancy thing. Knowing that I can’t wear all the cute shorts and tanks I’m seeing in stores until next year really puts a damper on my desire to shop for clothing. So of course, I decided to focus my attention on (mostly) accessories this month.

JULY 2015

  • black + white striped maxi dress {Papillon via Nordstrom Rack} $50 I searched high and low for a simple, striped maxi dress with an empire waist, but this one is pretty much the only one I could find. I kept waiting for the price to drop, but that happens pretty infrequently at Nordstrom Rack, I’ve discovered. Still, I’m happy with this one–it’s cool and comfortable. A word to the wise–it runs small. On the website, the description indicates that the model is wearing a medium, which is what I ordered.
  • reversible tote {Nordstrom} $48 seen here, here I related the saga of the reversible tote in this post. Basically, I tried a cheaper version of this tote from Target, and it was no good; this one is awesome. I find that I use the cognac side most of the time, but I like having the option to switch it to black, depending on my outfit 🙂
  • gold chevron necklace {Nordstrom} $16 seen here I ended up completing a sort of impromptu jewelry clean-out this month. I realized that I don’t wear most of the jewelry I own, so it just collects dust on my dresser. I decided to get rid of anything I didn’t love, which left some room for a few new pieces. I like the more delicate look of this chevron necklace–I think it will be in heavy rotation in the coming months.
  • black pendant necklace {Nordstrom} $40 As you *may* have heard by now (that was sarcasm, by the way), Nordstrom had a pretty big sale this month. Among its offerings was this Kendra Scott Rae Necklace. I’ve always liked the look of KS jewelry, but I don’t like the price tag so much. When these dropped down from $65 to $43 (plus 6% back with eBates!), I figured it was a good time to buy. I spent way too much time debating which color to get (particularly because some were marked down even further to only $32), but in the end, I went with the most versatile–black. I’m hoping this necklace will be a piece I wear all the time and keep for years.
  • printed silky top {J.Crew Factory} $25 I think this print is so fun, and I’m a big fan of J.Crew’s breezy, silky tops. I probably won’t be able to wear this until next spring–it’s pretty much like a crop top on me right now (translation: not cute). Nonetheless, I didn’t want to let this cute print pass me by, so I snatched it up during JCF’s Fourth of July sale.

July total: $180

2015 total: $1183

Remaining budget: $817

Despite not being able to shop for “regular” clothes this month, I still managed to have spent quite a bit. That being said, I think I made some wise purchasing decisions–all of these items (with the exception of the JCF top) will be versatile pieces that I can wear right now as well as post-pregnancy.

I feel I should note that in addition to the items pictured above, I also got a pair of gold wedge sandals using Amazon reward points. I also spent ~$100 on maternity basics (think: tees, nursing tanks, running shorts, leggings), but I’m not including those in my monthly budget–mostly because I don’t want to, but also because these are things that I consider like toothpaste and toilet paper. Necessary and not really fun to buy. Just keeping things honest!

As for next month, my top priority is a black maternity dress that can be dressed up or down. I have my eye on this one, which is already pretty reasonably priced…but I just hate to pay full price for anything! I’m also hoping to find some leopard pumps to replace my old, worn out Target pair.

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16 thoughts on “July 2015 Budget

  1. I’m glad you were able to get the Kendra Scott Rae necklace you wanted. The black should be super versatile! Also I think it’s fair to not count maternity basics. Same as how I don’t count workout basics in my budget. However, I counted the Zella leggings this time around because they weren’t truly essentials – I could have gotten cheaper ones. I love them anyway.


  2. I think the tote is great; I especially like how the cognac side creates a “piping” effect when you carry it using the black side. Have you found that either side is more difficult to clean up when you switch? I don’t know how it happens – I don’t carry food around in my handbag – but it seems like there is also dust/crumb-like material in the lining of my bag…


  3. I’ve been focusing a ton on accessories (and shoes) this pregnancy as well! I just hate to spend a lot of money on clothes I know I will only be able to wear for a couple of months. I love that striped maxi you got – you are going to get SO much wear out of it! I have a striped one from Target that I wear like once a week – it is so comfortable and perfect for showing off the bump 🙂
    xoxo Danielle
    For the Love of Leopard


    • Exactly! I am trying my best to buy items that can work for pregnancy and post-pregnancy. You think anyone would notice if I kept wearing these denim maternity shorts after the baby is born? Haha!


  4. I love the print of that JCF top, but the fit was off. Now I get to live vicariously through you! Keep me posted if you find some leopard pumps. I’ve been searching (not that hard, admittedly) for a while and haven’t found anything I love enough. Now that fall attire is starting to hit stores, it might be easier to find a great pair.


    • I haven’t had much luck in finding leopard pumps I like for a reasonable price. There was a cute pair that seemingly every blogger mentioned as part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but the sale price was still almost $90. I was hoping for less than $50…Here’s hoping the fall arrivals will bring a few more options!


  5. Whenever I got the urge to buy something when I was pregnant I got accessories too! It is hard because you never know how big you will get and I didn’t like re-buying things I felt like I already had (jeans, black pants, etc). Love that striped dress and top you got though!


    • Yes! I hate to spend a bunch of money on a pair of basic jeans that I’ll only wear for a few months. It is hard to predict size too–I have a feeling that by the 8th month or so, I’ll be living in leggings 🙂


  6. I think you’re being really smart about your approach to dressing for pregnancy and picking up accessories that can work at any size. That striped dress will probably work really nicely for after you’ve had your munchkin as well 🙂

    Do you think you’ll do a post on the pregnancy basics that you’re not including in your budget? I could foresee that being a useful post.


    • Hmm, I hadn’t planned on doing a post about the maternity basics, since they’re pretty boring, but I can tell you what I got off the top of my head.
      -A few solid color tees ($10 each, JCPenney);
      -maternity leggings ($15, JCPenney–although I love them so much I might buy more!);
      -several pairs of running shorts ($8 each, Walmart–just ordered a size up in regular section);
      -black maxi dress ($3 with rewards cash, Old Navy);
      -navy ponte skirt ($10, Old Navy);
      -thrifted gray skirt
      -thrifted stripe dress
      Let me know if you’d like more details!


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