needlessly neglected

DSC_2880The theme for the pieces in today’s outfit is definitely “needlessly neglected.” First up: this striped skirt.

DSC_2878I wore this skirt once in a blog post last summer, promptly ruined it in the wash, and then tirelessly hunted (and found!) a replacement. Then I never wore it. Why? I have no idea. But I am very glad to have it now that I am pregnant–it’s made of a stretchy material, making it very forgiving and comfortable for a growing midsection.

DSC_2888I have also neglected this black necklace. I bought it using a Christmas gift card sometime last winter but never got around to featuring it in a blog post. It seemed liked the right choice for the neckline on this top, and I really like the end result. Note to self: wear this more often!

DSC_2858blue crepe blouse: Merona via Target, exact, similar // black and white striped skirt: Brenda’s via eBay, similar, similar // black kitten heels: Attention via K-mart, similar, similar // black statement necklace: Macy’s, similar, similar

^Taken at 19 weeks


4 thoughts on “needlessly neglected

  1. I still can’t believe you can wear normal clothes, I’m huge! We go in for our 20 week unloads puns today, I can’t wait to find out what we’re having!


  2. it’s a great feeling when you are reminded why you love something that you bought even if i hasn’t gotten much wear! i think that means both items deserve to retain a spot in your closet! 🙂


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