fancy pants

DSC_3684Before I was pregnant, I had been searching for a pair of well-fitting, slim-cut, gray work pants. I tried on a lot of pairs…to no avail. Doesn’t it just figure that when I get pregnant, I magically find a maternity pair that fits like a dream? They have stretchy side panels (as opposed to the under-the-belly or over-the-belly kind), so I wonder if anyone would notice if I kept wearing them post-partum. I won’t tell if you won’t.

DSC_3668For this first wear into the world, I decided to go the professional route and pair the pants with a ruffle-neck blouse.

DSC_3695The blouse is indeed maternity, but you’d never know it considering how tight it is on my belly. Check out my ever-growing bump!


ruffle neck blouse: A Pea in the Pod, similar, non-maternity // gray dress pants: A Pea in the Pod, similar, non-maternity // black wedges: CL by Laundry via DSW, exact, similar // pearl stud earrings: gift, similar, similar // two tone watch: Michael Kors, exact, similar // black quilted satchel: Moda Luxe via Target, similar, similar

^Taken at 23 weeks


4 thoughts on “fancy pants

  1. How do the buttons stay closed on the front of that shirt over your belly without gaping? I would have thought that the buttons would be pulling if the shirt was snug over the belly. Is it a fake row of buttons with alternate fastening elsewhere? Or are they just miracle buttons that I need to track down for all of my shirts? lol.


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