October 2015 Budget

Another month over, another month closer to the end of maternity wear (I hope). With that in mind, I bought a few items that may not fit me right now but hopefully will be great additions to my wardrobe come mid-December. As you’ll see below, I bought only tops this month–they’re all either a size bigger than my usual pre-pregnancy size or cut quite generously through the mid-section. I’m trying to be realistic about the inevitable body shape changes that typically characterize the “fourth trimester.” So here’s what came home with me in October:

October 2015

ivory + black embroidered tee {J.Crew Factory} $25 JCF came out with a version of this top last year, and I kind of regretted not buying it when I had the chance. This year, I waited around until it went to 60% off during the Columbus Day sale and finally pounced. I like the combination of ivory + black, and I think it will be a good piece to have for dressing up with a pencil skirt or dressing down with jeans. I bought it in a size up so I can wear it soon after Baby C is born.

camel sweater {J.Crew Factory} $30 I mentioned in my last budget post that I would like to find a camel sweater. I linked to a cozy cashmere version, but realistically, it doesn’t really get that cold around here. This sweater is much lighter weight, which will make it better suited for layering. Again, I bought a size up to account for any baby weight that might cling for a few months…

navy striped boatneck tee {J.Crew Factory} $25 I wear my striped boatneck tees pretty frequently, and my current navy one is looking a little sad these days. I bought it at Goodwill three years ago for $3, so it was time for an upgraded replacement. I tried this one at Loft a few weeks ago, but it was quite sheer, which I felt limited its use. This one, however, is not see-through at all and thick enough to wear in the fall and winter.

burgundy utility blouse {Loft} $30 I’ve been on a mission to add more burgundy to my wardrobe lately, particularly ever since I had someone tell me that it’s “my color” at my baby shower a few weeks ago. So when I spotted this utility blouse online, I knew I had to try it out. It tends to sell out quickly on Loft’s website, so I used the “find in store” tool to locate one in my size at a nearby mall. (I also posted a try-on of this item on Instagram, if you’re interested). Its very relaxed silhouette will be very forgiving after I give birth, with the added bonus of being nursing-friendly.

ivory lace top {Loft} $22 This purchase also falls under “upgraded replacement” category. I wore my white lace top all the time during my internship two years ago–so much that I wore a hole in the sleeve. Again, it was a thrifted item that I paid all of $4 for, so I feel justified in replacing it now that its cost per wear is down to mere pennies. Anyway, this one from Loft is a little fancier and a little less fitted. I can’t wait to wear it!

buffalo plaid button-up {Nordstrom Rack} $25 I’ve been on the hunt for a buffalo plaid shirt for quite some time now. I kept hoping I would be able to find one second-hand for cheap, but I haven’t had much luck. I think I’m a bit too picky about the size of the plaid, if that makes any sense. I found this one at Nordstrom Rack, and while I had never heard of the brand, it seems like it’s reasonably good quality. I can feasibly wear this one right now as an extra layer on top of a maternity tee. That is, if it ever decides to cool down around here.

October budget: $157

2015 total: $1662

Remaining budget: $338

We have yet to find out if these were wise purchases, seeing as I can’t properly fit into any of them at the moment. I’m hoping they’ll all end up being useful additions to my closet for this winter. Until December, I’ll just have to admire them from afar…

My annual clothing budget is dwindling, but my wishlist is not, unfortunately. I would love to find a pair of burgundy pants or jeans (particularly after seeing this post on Audrey’s blog). I’m hoping this pair at Ann Taylor will go on super sale soon. Another item I’m lusting after is this cozy cardigan at H & M. It looks like it would be a warm extra layer, plus it’s neutral enough that I could throw it on over pretty much any outfit.

What did you buy this month?

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17 thoughts on “October 2015 Budget

  1. I thrifted the J.Crew embroidered tee this spring, and it’s one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I love wearing it to work with a pencil skirt, or underneath my cargo jacket on the weekends!


  2. I LOVE my burgundy jeans. They’re fantastic and I feel like the function just as well as my regular wash jeans. I found my pair thrifting and last year’s pair (that I wore out completely) came from Old Navy, so I would look there. Well, the camel colored sweater will mostly likely be a wise purchase regardless. The tippi and charley are my all time favorite sweaters.


    • So true–I feel like burgundy is almost a neutral, it goes with so many colors. I’ve contemplated buying a pair of burgundy jeans at Old Navy, but I have truly abysmal luck when it comes to buying pants there. It’s hard to resist their sales though…


  3. You got so many remixable pieces this month. I feel like an ivory lace top goes with everything. Hopefully you get a lot of wear out of the buffalo plaid shirt (in December)! I have one from J.Crew Factory that I wear all the time.


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