October 2015 Outfits

Another month over already! Here’s a look at the outfits I’ve posted in October:

PicMonkey CollageWinners: #1, #3, #13 

Losers: #2, #5

This month, I managed to publish a total of 13 outfits. To be honest, my blogging “mojo” is starting to dwindle a bit. The bigger I get, the fewer wardrobe options I have…which makes getting dressed a bit of a bummer sometimes. Perhaps I should add another genre of blog posts? Any suggestions are welcome!

As for any themes this month, I suppose I started relying on my maternity jeans and olive pants a bit more. I’ve reached a point in my pregnancy at which under-the-belly pants are no longer comfortable; I really need the full panel for this last trimester. I’m also getting good use out of my scarf collection these days. It might sound silly, but I feel like adding that extra fabric to my front helps me feel a little less self-conscious about my belly!

If you’d like to peruse this month’s archives, here’s a direct link to October 2015.


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