the windowpane scarf

DSC_6136At risk of sounding like a blogger cliche…I’m just really excited about finally being able to wear my blanket scarves. As I may have mentioned about a thousand times this fall, it’s been quite warm down here in Dixie, so the idea of wrapping a blanket around my neck has been out of the question until relatively recently.

DSC_6124We had a chilly day last week, so I decided to seize the opportunity to wear one of my new(ish) blanket scarves–specifically, my cozy windowpane scarf. Honestly, this scarf is so large that I would have liked to try wearing it as a poncho, but I’m afraid that might have to wait until I’m not pregnant anymore. I tried it out, and I looked like the abominable snowman. #notcute

DSC_6153This outfit was sorely lacking for color, so I added some red pumps at the last minute!


gray tunic tee: Liz Lange for Target, similar, non-maternity // skinny jeans: A Pea in the Pod, similar, non-maternity // red pumps: MICHAEL by Michael Kors, exact, similar // windowpane scarf: Old Navy, similar, similar // black satchel: Phillip Lim for Target, similar, similar // two tone watch: Michael Kors, exact, similar

^Taken at 37 weeks


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