December 2015 Budget

December had the potential to be disastrous in terms of budget. With so many sales and such an intense desire to wear non-maternity clothes, I was very tempted to buy everything in sight. In fact, much of this month’s budget was already blown by the time Cyber Monday was complete. Fortunately, I got a grip and kept my spending in check.

december 2015

the keepers

camel wool skirt {Loft} $28 ($59.50 marked down to $54.99 + 50% off) I’ve recently developed a love for the color camel. It’s just such a lovely, warm neutral that pairs well with so many colors. As I mentioned last month, I’ve had my eye on this skirt for a few months now, and when it was in danger of selling out of my size, I snapped it up during one of Loft’s notorious sale-on-sale promotions. I can’t wait to wear it with some opaque tights and booties!

gray deco tee {Loft} $27 ($49.50 marked down to $44.99 + 40% off) This was another piece I mentioned in my last budget post. Again, my size kept popping in and out of stock, so snapped it up during a sale. Although it’s described as a tee, I would say that it’s a bit thicker than your average tee. For that reason, I’m hoping I can wear it throughout the colder months.

plaid flannel scarf {Old Navy–sold out} $13 ($26.94 + 50% off) I was in need of some pajamas for the hospital (I didn’t think my usual oversized tees and ratty boxers would look too great if I had visitors…), and while I was shopping around at Old Navy, I found this lovely scarf. The deep green is really pretty in person! I bet it would pair well with the camel skirt I bought this month too.

crystal stud earrings {J.Crew Factory} $11 ($22.50 + 50% off) I’ve been trying to add a bit more sparkle to my jewelry collection lately, so I had bookmarked these earrings several weeks ago. They’ve been backordered for quite some time on JCF’s website, so when I saw them in stock at my local store and 50% off…it was a no-brainer.

gold pumps {MICHAEL by Michael Kors via Lord & Taylor} $44 ($110 + 50% off + 20% coupon) I’ve finally come around to the notion that metallic shoes really can be considered neutral. I’ve worn my cheapie silver pumps from Payless quite a bit, so I decided that a pretty, better quality gold pair might be a worthy investment. This pair had been marked down to ~$90 for quite some time, but then were slashed to $55 during the Black Friday madness. I had a coupon code too, so I pulled the trigger.

mini satchel in aurora red {Ann Taylor} $34 ($98 + 50% off + $15 birthday coupon) I’ve been seeing lots of looks on Instagram lately featuring a festive Tory Burch red tote. I love the look of Tory Burch bags…but not the price tag. I searched around for an inexpensive look alike and eventually landed on this one. It’s not real leather, but I think it will suffice as an “accent” bag.

the returns

scoop neck sweater in heart me pink {New York & Company} $12 Another color I’ve been infatuated with lately is blush pink. I’ve been wanting to add a sweater in that color to my closet, as I think it would make a pretty winter wardrobe piece. NY & Co. had a Black Friday special in which these sweaters were marked down to just $12 plus free shipping, so I gave it a shot. When the sweater arrived, however, it was much more bubble gum/Pepto Bismol pink than it appeared online. It was definitely not what I was looking for–not worth keeping, no matter how cheap it was.

red trapeze bag {Old Navy–sold out} $17 As I mentioned above, I’ve been on the hunt for a festive red bag. I decided to try this inexpensive one, as I really liked the shade of red and trapeze shape. Plus, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by ON’s handbags in the past. When it arrived, however, it was very cheap looking, and it was clear that the construction was essentially cardboard + plastic. Again, not worth keeping, no matter how inexpensive it happened to be.

the extras

Both my birthday and Christmas happen to be in December, so there were several other additions to my closet this month that are not accounted for in my budget. For my birthday, my generous family and friends gifted me this cardigan, necklace, watch, and scarf (not so coincidentally, all items from my wishlist!).  Using some birthday money, I also gifted myself this beautiful cognac satchel–I’m hoping it will be a classic bag that I will use for years to come. Santa also brought me this lovely coat.

December budget: $157

2015 total: $1988

Remaining budget: $12

This month’s purchases were a bit holiday-themed, which is fun, but I think I failed to take into account that I would be spending much of this holiday season holed up at home with a newborn (translation: wearing leggings and oversized t-shirts). Nonetheless, the gold pumps, sparkly earrings, and red satchel will all be perfectly appropriate throughout the year–I just didn’t get to wear them to any Christmas shindigs this year 🙂 The other items are all going to get good use immediately, as it’s just now starting to get cold here in Alabama.

Because this post is already getting a bit long, I’ll do a yearly budget re-cap in a separate post. For now, suffice it to say that I certainly don’t need anything else in my closet, but somehow I think I’ll manage to find a few things I want in 2016.

How did your budget fare in December?

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