remix it: the striped boatneck tee

If there’s anything in my closet that I have way too many of, it’s definitely striped boatneck tees. What can I say? They’re just so darn versatile and never go out of style. For the purposes of this re-mix it post, I decided to focus on just one (my black and white one), but you can also see how I’ve styled a similar red striped version in this post.


1 / 2 / 3 / 4





striped boatneck tee options: Loft {dark red or navy w. side slit} // J.Crew {red + blue} // JCP {embellished neckline} // Urban Outfitters {w. breast pocket}

Now, it’s probably not ground-breaking news that a black striped tee is a useful piece to have in your wardrobe, but…I’m a little low on creativity these days thanks to a tiny dude named Caleb. Still, I think it’s worth noting that a tee like this one is fantastic for newbie pattern mixers such as myself, plus it really makes a bright color (e.g., cobalt or yellow) really “pop.” Hilariously enough, while composing this post, I noticed not only that I wore three of these four outfits in the month of April 2015 but also that I wore the exact same pair of sandals for all these looks. Whoops.

How do you wear a striped boatneck tee?


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