January 2016 Budget

Ah, a new year and a new budget–so many possibilities! I made an effort to put limits on my shopping this month by putting together a wishlist for this first part of 2016. I stuck to it for the most part, although I did end up replacing a few wardrobe workhorses as well. As a result, my budget recap is a little boring this month.


the keepers

scalloped face watch {Wristology} $44 ($49 + 10% off promo code) seen here I recently received a lovely black leather strap watch as a birthday present, and I’ve found it to be so versatile that I thought having a cognac leather strap version would be useful. I decided on this more affordable option with the cute scallop detailing. The strap is genuine leather, and I’ve been very pleased with the quality thus far.

oxford shirts in white and blue {Lands’ End} $45 ($30 each + 25% off) The blue oxford shirt was one of my wishlist items. I ended up adding in the white one too because my current white button-up shirt is a little tight in the bust now that I’m breastfeeding. I ordered these in the size small even though the “fit predictor” indicated an extra small would work…I didn’t want any gaping! In the end, I probably should have sized down, but the fit is acceptable, and I kind of like the oversized look.

denim jacket {J.Crew Factory} $42 ($85 marked down to $59.50 + an extra 30% off) This was another wishlist item. I tracked this jacket down in my local store to try it on and verify that the quality was decent. However, I wasn’t willing to pay $60 for it just yet. I ended up waiting for a good online promotion with free shipping before getting it for about 50% off.

skinny ankle pants in navy and black {Loft} $53 ($69.50 each + 40% off and $30 gift card) I’ve been in need of some all-purpose ankle pants for quite some time now. I had been making do with some skinny chinos I found for super cheap at Wal-Mart (don’t judge!), so when I stumbled upon these skinny ankle pants at Loft a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to upgrade.

the returns

Technically, I didn’t actually return anything this month. However, I did save myself from having to return an item. I was all set to order this skirt from my wishlist, but I decided to check the measurements first. The length listed in the description is 27 inches. I compared that to some of the skirts in my closet and determined that 27 inches is far longer than what I was looking for; something between 23 and 25 inches is ideal for my frame. Even though Nordstrom has a super easy returns process, I’m glad I checked that detail before purchasing!

the extras

The extras this month are mainly rollovers from my birthday + Christmas last month. I had some remaining credit on an Amazon gift card, so I ordered these super comfy leopard flats. I also received a belated birthday gift from Seth in the form of this fab leopard clutch (hmm…I sensing a theme here).

January total: $184

2016 total: $184

Remaining budget: $1816

So this month’s purchases are certainly items that will get a lot of wear; I would even venture to say that they’re all wardrobe staples. Accordingly, I think I did a pretty good job of avoiding impulse buys and instead focusing on true gaps in my closet. I’m predicting that the watch and ankle pants will be in pretty constant rotation for the foreseeable future!

Looking ahead, I’ve got a few items in mind. I still want to find the remaining items on my aforementioned wishlist, and I’m also hoping to find a pair of tan flats. Since becoming a mom, I have regained an appreciation for the comfort of flats; it’s pretty tough to lug around a baby in a carrier if you’re teetering around in heels all the time!

What did you buy in January?

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9 thoughts on “January 2016 Budget

  1. I love the pockets on that denim jacket and the cut. It’s ironic, the only JCrew store in my city always has a stern looking security guard at the door. I’m not a criminal but that puts me off ever stepping foot in the store to check out the inventory


  2. Oh man, that watch is beautiful! I love a really simple, round face watch with a leather band, the clean lines just look so nice and leather bands are so easy to replace than it’s easy to play around with some different styles. Land’s End shirts are amazing – they’re the only ones I buy for my husband because they hold up SO well and they’re so low maintenance when it com to washing, you really can just thrown them in!


  3. Some may call it boring, personally I call it enviable. I find those months that are almost all basics make a wardrobe so much more workable. I bought a number of pieces that I thought were interesting this month, but I could really use a month of basics like this to make everything a little more cohesive. If only the bump would slow down on its growth spurt! (Not gonna happen, I know)


  4. I can’t believe how many items I almost purchased but didn’t thanks to double checking the details. Dry clean only? Nope. Wayyy too short? no thanks. Good for you for upgrading your pants – a solid pair can make a world of difference.


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