sequins + stripes

DSC_7522I’ve been getting pretty ruthless with what stays in my closet these days. I have way too many clothes…and a very tiny closet. Thus, I’ve been selling/donating anything I don’t love or doesn’t fit. Groundbreaking idea, I know.

DSC_7532This top is one of the items that falls in the “maybe” category–I like it, but I just don’t wear it very often. So when I saw Erin style a very similar top on her blog, I made a mental note to copy it in the future (translation: I pinned it!). This look is my interpretation of her outfit–I honestly like hers better, but I’m not brave cool enough to wear stripes, sequins, and leopard at once. I’m thinking this top has potential for future outfits…so I guess it’s a keeper for now!

DSC_7512sequined striped tee: Loft, very similar, similar // black cardigan: J.Crew Factory, exact, similar // burgundy jeans: exact, similar // black wedges: exact, similar // black satchel: similar, similar


2 thoughts on “sequins + stripes

  1. This is a great outfit! I feel like my closet is busting at the seams too, I think part of I t is that I’m not working, so there are so many pieces I haven’t worn in almost a year. I already gave away two give garbag bags, but my plan is to really work to wear my sweaters (which have been totally unworn) and other winter clothes and then reassess what stays and goes.


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