February 2016 Budget

February was a month full of great sales! I feel like I say that every month…Regardless, I took advantage of a few of them to stock up on some basics. I’m also looking forward to spring in a serious way, so I bought a few items that will hopefully serve me well once the sunshine returns in a few weeks.

february 2016

the keepers

monogram necklace {Eliza Jay Charm via Jane} $15 I’ve been wanting a monogram necklace for a while now–years, perhaps? Before I spend a lot of money on one though, I wanted to try it out to see if it’s something I would wear often. Enter: Jane’s daily deals. I was willing to risk $15 on one, so I ordered a small version in block letters. I’m hoping it will be a necklace that will coordinate with pretty much any outfit.

pleated skirt in rich black {Gap} $31 ($60 + 40% off promo + $5 rewards cash) As you may recall, I’ve been on the hunt for a full, pleated black skirt for a few months now. I tried a few (see “the returns” below) and finally landed on this one at Gap. I don’t shop at Gap very often, but they have a winner with this one. I ordered it in both the regular and tall versions and got some great feedback from my IG friends (OK, and my mom too). It was pretty unanimous that the tall version fit me better. Plus, the added length was more in line with what I had in mind in the first place.

brown pointed flats {Dr. Scholl’s via DSW} $20 ($50 + $15 reward certificates + $15 gift card) I mentioned in my last budget post that I’m coming to appreciate flats again as a new mom. They’re just practical. I liked my leopard pair so much that I decided to order them in tan too. I like that they’re comfortable and made from real leather–two top priorities for me when it comes to shoes!

navy crochet trim tunic {Crown + Ivy via Belk} $14 ($58 marked down to $28, extra 50% off sale) This tunic was a total impulse purchase, but at this price, I don’t feel too bad about it. I went on a delightful shopping trip with my mom (and Caleb, of course) over President’s Day weekend, and Belk had some insane mark-downs on their Crown + Ivory line (which has a very classic, preppy vibe). I can see wearing this with white jeans this spring or even using it as a beach cover-up in the summertime.

luxe tees in blue, mint, black {Banana Republic Factory} $12 each ($36.50 on sale for $15, extra 20% for cardmembers) I’ve been a big fan of the Luxe tees from Banana Republic for a while. The quality is much nicer than that of my solid color tees from Old Navy and Target; I’m slowly replacing all my worn out tees with these.

clare cardigans in navy and white {J.Crew Factory} $20 each ($54.50 marked down to $19.99) I was chatting with one of the salespeople at J.Crew Factory, and she informed me that they are retiring my beloved Clare cardigan. She tried to sell me on their new Caryn cardigan (longer, with full-length sleeves), but I wasn’t persuaded. Instead, I’m hoarding as many Clare cardigans as I can find until they’re no longer available. So there.

tortoise sunglasses {BP via Nordstrom} $12 I have a pair of tortoise sunglasses that I’ve worn for years (and I still love), but I wanted to try a new shape for my face. This cat-eye pair with gold accents were just too cute to pass up. I was so pleased with them when they arrived, I snapped a selfie (not something I do very often). I’m now considering ordering the black pair too!

the returns

As mentioned above, I tried a few black skirts before landing on the Gap one. Initially, I ordered one from ThredUp using some credits, but it was a little too flowy; I wanted something structured. I also tried this one in the petite size, hoping for a shorter length. I tried it on for Seth, and his response was, “um, you have more flattering skirts.” That’s about as disparaging remark I’ve ever heard from him, so back it went.

I also bought this comfy quilted dress from Loft Outlet. Although my Instagram friends thought I should keep it, I decided to return it for a few reasons. It’s not breastfeeding-friendly (a main concern these days), and the material was too heavy for it to be practical in the summertime in the deep South. For $42, I was not willing to overlook those drawbacks.

the extras

I had quite a few “extra” items this month thanks in large part to eBay and Poshmark sales. I used that money to upgrade my camel blazer (seen here) and replace my brown plaid one (both purchased on eBay). I also bought a pair of dark olive green chinos using Poshmark credits to satisfy one of the items on my wishlist. Finally, for Valentine’s Day, Seth bought me this sleek watch (as seen on Instagram).

February total: $168

2016 total: $352

Remaining budget: $1648

I feel like I bought so much this month; after several months of buying fewer (but more expensive) items, it seems strange to be buying TEN items in one month. The tees and cardigans were inexpensive basics that are a little boring  but still very necessary; the rest are bargains that I’m pretty confident will get lots of wear.

In the coming month, I anticipate that I’ll be wanting to buy all the spring things. I have a few items in mind at Ann Taylor (specifically, this blush scarf and this peplum top), but I’m waiting for a good sale to pull the trigger. I’m also considering trying this striped dress from Old Navy, but it’s always excluded from sale promotions–boo! I’ll probably post another “shopping list” in March as I did in January to keep my purchases on track.

What did you buy in February?

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7 thoughts on “February 2016 Budget

  1. I agree that tees are a little boring to buy but very necessary. Next month I need to replace a bunch of my own worn-out tees (darn you, J.Crew vintage cotton that can’t stand up to repeated washing). I feel like it’s actually decently hard to find ones that are nice (and durable)!


  2. Those brown flats are absolutely perfect! Not to mention inexpensive to boot. I’m going to have to check out our local DSW locations to see if they have any here.

    I’m looking forward to buying non-maternity clothes again. There’s so many items out right now that I would LOVE to add to my wardrobe! In the meantime I did manage to pick up a couple a couple super comfy striped shirts and a DVF wrap dress that was marked way down last month!


  3. I tried to hold back with purchasing this month because I know that I love spring clothes more than any other, but I just needed some replacements too much to not get them. I think you got some great pieces this month – I love that trim top!


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