remix it: the red flats

I have to admit, my choice for this month’s re-mix item is kind of selfish. Given my recent infatuation with flats, I’m contemplating buying a nicer quality pair of red ones. To see if it would be a worthwhile expense (i.e., I would wear them enough), I decided to sort through the archives…and, well, here we are.


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red flats options: Sam Edelman {ballet} // Madewell {pointed} // Ferragamo {bow} // River Island {lace-up} // Coach {scalloped}

I actually wore these flats several more times on the blog in addition to the looks you see here, but let’s just say those are photos I’d rather not dig up from the blog archives. Anyway, I was surprised at how much wear I’ve gotten from these guys. They’re kind of a strange shade of red (slightly neon?), which I always thought made them harder to wear, but I still managed to have found quite a few ways to wear them. I seem to like the way this shade of red pairs with gray and shades of chambray. In fact, I kind of want to re-wear all these outfits again! But, in the interest of creativity, I might try wearing them with some of my printed dresses this spring and summer. I don’t think I’m ready to upgrade just yet…mostly because I can’t decide what style I would want! Check out the options I’ve linked to above for just a sampling of what I came across in my search.

How would you wear red flats?


3 thoughts on “remix it: the red flats

  1. I bought a pair of red flats from Target a while back and have been surprised at how often I get to wear them. The style is similar to the Ferragamo pair, with a flat bow, and the color is somewhere between red and the marsala color that has been so popular. I tend to wear a lot of neutrals, so having a pair of red flats is like a statement piece.


  2. I sometimes think about investing in a pair of nice red flats, but then I don’t know if I’d wear them enough. I love the Madewell ones you linked to – they seem absolutely perfect!


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