outfit brainstorm: the sweatshirt

Anne and Jenn are hosting their #momstyleremix link-up again, and this month’s theme is sweatshirts. The trouble is, I really don’t have any sweatshirt outfits to share with you! I used this as an opportunity to brainstorm a few outfit ideas with the sweatshirts I have in my closet.

the embellished sweatshirt

I really like this sweatshirt due to its built-in jewelry–gotta love pieces that streamline getting dressed! I wore an outfit similar to this one a few months ago, but I like this version better–I think the collared shirt underneath makes it a bit more polished.


similar sweatshirt // similar jeans // similar pumps// shirt

I also tried to think up a way to wear this sweatshirt into spring. I stuck with black skinnies here, but I’m also thinking it might be fun to try this top with white jeans too.


similar sweatshirt // similar jeans // similar flats // sunglasses

the short-sleeved sweatshirt

I bought this short-sleeved sweatshirt last fall as a last-minute, super cheap ($3!) addition to my maternity wardrobe. I mostly just wore it as a comfy top around the house during my last trimester, but now I’m trying to make it work as a regular top. I’ve already worn it several times as pictured below, with olive chinos and booties.


similar sweatshirt // similar chinos // similar booties // similar necklace

Because it’s short-sleeved, I feel like it might be a good transition piece for spring too. I’m picturing it with coral jeans and my new tortoise shell sunglasses. Maybe some gold jewelry too!


similar sweatshirt // similar jeans // sandals // sunglasses

the striped sweatshirt

This top is not quite as heavy as a sweatshirt, but too thick to be a tee, so I’m lumping it into the former category. Stripes are pretty easy to style, but the addition of the lace embellishment has kinda thrown me for a loop in terms of styling this piece. I’m thinking it would look nice layered underneath a utility jacket.


similar sweatshirt // similar jacket // similar jeans // flats

Once it warms up a bit, I think this top could easily be tucked in (or not?) with my flippy navy skirt.


similar sweatshirt // similar skirt // similar flats // similar earrings

So now I guess I have no excuse not to wear my sweatshirts–I’ve got six outfits already planned!

How would you wear a sweatshirt for spring?

Linking up with Anne and Jenn for the #momstyleremix.


2 thoughts on “outfit brainstorm: the sweatshirt

  1. Ooooh I love all of these! I haven’t tried the short-sleeved sweatshirt thing, but how fun for spring/summer. And the embellished one is so great – very chic with the blouse and leopard flats, and I like how simple but snazzy it is with black jeans and red flats. I’d wear that! đŸ™‚


  2. I love the first outfit, and totally agree – the collared shirt definitely takes it up a notch. You could probably even put a collared shirt under the white sweatshirt too!


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