March 2016 Budget

Another shopping month is in the books! I managed to find a few things from my wishlist…and a few extras.

march 2016

the keepers

red + blue striped tee {J.Crew} $18 ($45 marked down to $30 + 40% off promo code) I really have no explanation for buying this tee. It happened to catch my eye during a sale-on-sale promotion with free shipping…and I went for it. I like the way J.Crew’s painter tees fit, and I figured this one would be fun to add into rotation for the spring and summer. I’m thinking it would be cute with white jeans or maybe my chambray blazer.

black peplum top {Ann Taylor} $30 ($59.50 + 50% off promo code) I’ve recently decided that I really like the way peplum tops flatter my figure. I have kind of a boyish shape, so I like how the peplum creates a waist for me. I’ve been wearing my thrifted white one quite a lot, so I thought it might be nice to have a black version as well. I’ve already worn it a few times…just not on the blog yet!

striped pumps {J.Crew Factory via Poshmark} $55 ($128 retail price) I mentioned in my wishlist post a few weeks back that I’ve been searching for some patterned or striped pumps to add to my shoe collection. I always liked this pair from J.Crew Factory, but I never got around to buying them when they were available in the store. Fortunately, I found this pair in new condition on Poshmark.

scalloped shorts {Crown & Ivy via Belk} $24 ($40 + 40% off sale) Speaking of wishlist items, these shorts also fall into that category. I had hoped to get a slightly better deal on these shorts, but Belk coupons often exclude Crown & Ivy items. They were selling out of sizes quickly, so I went ahead and bought these shorts during a 40% off sale. I can’t wait for it to be warm enough to wear them!

opal glitter stud earrings {Kate Spade via Nordstrom} $24 ($32 + 25% off price match) I had actually asked for these earrings for my birthday/Christmas, but most stores sold out of them during the holiday season. I kept them on my radar for the past few months and was delighted when I saw that Nordstrom was price-matching on several Kate Spade jewelry items. I really like the size (they’re described as “mini”) and the color (they’ll coordinate with most outfits).

the returns

In an effort to find a pretty blush-colored top, I ordered this tee and and this fun ruffle-sleeve top. The color was exactly what I was looking for…but unfortunately, they were both quite sheer. I also felt the ruffled sleeves on the blouse were just a bit too girly for me, and they would get in the way if I ever wanted to layer the top under a blazer or cardigan.

the extras

I sent in a ThredUp bag a few weeks ago, and I used some of the credit from that to replace my chambray blazer. My old one had a lining with tiny stars printed on it, which really bugged me; it made me not want to wear it with the sleeves rolled up (as I am known to do). So I upgraded to a J.Crew schoolboy version. My mom also gifted me a dress. Remember that one from last month that I thought was too expensive? Well, it turns out that it showed up on the clearance rack, so Mom got it for me 🙂

March total: $151

2016 total: $503

Remaining budget: $1497

I’m pleased that I was able to check off a few items from my wishlist (without spending too much money) this month. I can already tell that the black peplum top and striped tee will be in regular rotation, but the other items are hardly “wardrobe staples.”

As for next month, I’m still hoping to find a blush-colored blouse somewhere, and I’ve still got my eyes on these flared jeans at Loft. Speaking of Loft, I’m also quite enamored of these jacquard shorts (see them on Instagram here). My love of stripes continues too, as I’m really loving this tee and this dress. We’ll see what makes the cut next month…

What did you buy in March?

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