April 2016 budget

Well, by the looks of this month’s collage, I guess we can conclude that I’m on a blush kick (but who isn’t?). Here’s a look at my pink-toned April purchases.

april 2016

the keepers

blush handbag {Old Navy} $8 ($30 outlet price + 40% off + $10 reward) I happened to be returning something at our local outlet mall a few weeks back, and, seizing the opportunity to browse a bit without Caleb in tow, I popped into Old Navy during a 40% off sale. Well, I spotted this blush bag and really, really liked it. It’s not real leather, but the material doesn’t feel too plastic-y. It’s a good size and such a fun color for spring!

blush blanket scarf {Ann Taylor} $6 ($70 marked down to $15 + 60% off flash sale) I mentioned a few months ago that I had been eyeing this scarf. It kept being discounted by small increments in the sale section, but for some reason, I’m unwilling to spend more than $15 or so for a scarf. Eventually, the flash sale gods smiled upon me and marked this pretty piece down to just a few bucks. It’s much too warm to wear it these days, but, as my mom always says, “winter comes around every year!”

flare jeans {Loft} $42 ($80 marked down to $70 + 40% off) These jeans were an item on my most recent wishlist, so when Loft offered a 40% off + free shipping promo over Easter weekend, I ordered them right away. They’re slightly longer than I would prefer, which is unusual for Loft–their regular inseam typically fits me quite well. But, they make my butt look fantastic, so I kept them.

silver flats {J.Crew Factory via Poshmark} $37 ($98 retail price) In addition to being infatuated with blush pink, I’m also loving metallics lately. So, I decided that I needed a pair of silver flats in my life. I asked for some input on Instagram to help me decide between these new-in-box d’orsay beauties and another pair, and ultimately I went with this pair. I might end up regretting this purchase, as I still haven’t worn them, now two weeks later.

blush baseball tee {J.Crew Factory via Poshmark} $12 ($45 retail price) This tee kinda-sorta satisfies another wishlist item. I had been searching for a blush top, preferably a blouse, but I couldn’t seem to find an affordable one that didn’t clash with my skin tone. I eventually landed on this new-with-tags baseball tee. The color is exactly what I was looking for, although the style is slightly more casual than what I had in mind. Nonetheless, I think I can make it work for my lifestyle.

foldover clutch {Forever 21} $18 (gasp! I paid full price!) Now that I carry a diaper bag around most places, clutches are quite convenient. I can put my wallet, phone, and keys into the clutch and just grab that out of the diaper bag when I leave Caleb with his Nonnie (a.k.a. my mom). So that was my justification for buying this sleek foldover clutch. It reminds me of a Clare V. bag, and the material is very leather-like.

white watch {Timex} $51 ($60 + 15% off coupon) Yes, I bought another watch–clearly, I have a watch problem. I had been thinking that I wanted to add a white one to my collection for the summer months and really liked this white + rose gold version…but alas, the price tag was a bit much for my budget. But, I found this pretty, sparkly one from Timex for a decent price, and the strap is genuine leather. I’m quite pleased with my purchase, and I’m hoping it will get a lot of wear this summer!

the returns

I’ve been seeing trench coats everywhere lately, and I thought a shorter, hip-length version might be a nice wardrobe staple for spring. I tried this one from Gap, and I was disappointed in the shape. It fit me fine in the shoulders, but it had an exaggerated trapeze shape that just swallowed up my whole figure. I’m looking for something a bit more tailored, so back it went.

the extras

I didn’t earn any money from clothing sales this month, and there weren’t any special occasions…so no extras this month!

April total: $174

2016 total: $677

Remaining budget: $1323

I’m glad I was able to find a few wishlist items this month, but I might have gotten a little spendy with all those accessories purchases. I head back to work in just a few days, so I won’t have nearly as much time to shop–and that’s probably a good thing!

In May, I’m hoping I’ll be able to find a trench coat that works for me (see “the returns” section above...) and perhaps a work-appropriate striped dress. I’m planning on creating another wishlist for May + June to keep my shopping habits more focused.

What did you buy in April?

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4 thoughts on “April 2016 budget

  1. Blush is one of the Pantone colors of the year, so it makes sense that it’s everywhere! I think it’s really versatile and pairs well with a lot of other colors. Also what a great price for that Old Navy bag!


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