shopping list–may 2016

For my 2016 shopping budget, I’ve been creating bimonthly “shopping lists” to ensure that my purchasing decisions are thoughtful ones, and not solely based on impulse. For this installment, I’ve tried to identify items that will be nice to have for late spring and early summer.

may shopping list

short trench coat

Technically, I already own a trench coat, but it’s longer length makes it slightly less versatile for the warmer months. I would love to find a tailored, double-breasted version, like the one featured in this pin. I tried one from Gap last month, but the fit didn’t work for me. Here’s hoping I find one before it’s too hot to wear any sort of jacket!

striped dress

For as much as I love stripes, I really don’t have a striped dress that’s appropriate for work. Sure, I have this red tee shirt dress and this black striped sweatshirt version, but I’m hoping to find something versatile and professional, preferably with short sleeves. I’m considering this one from Macy’s, but none of the local stores seem to have it in stock. Boo.

tan cross body purse

I love my cognac leather satchel, but sometimes I need something a little smaller and more casual for running errands. I love the look of this one–I love bags with tassels these days!

I haven’t been interested in shopping much lately (gasp!), so those three items are all that I have on my list these days. What are you hoping to add to your closet this summer?


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