shopping list–july 2016

As promised in my most recent budget post, I want to share the latest installment in my bimonthly shopping list. I’m pretty tired of summer, a sentiment that is obviously reflected in the items I’m lusting after these days–I’m ready for fall to arrive!

wishlist july 16

navy blue blouse I’ve been searching for a navy blue blouse for a few weeks now, and they seem to be mysteriously non-existent. You wouldn’t think it would be too difficult to find a (reasonably priced), crepe-y navy blue top, but they’re pretty few and far between. I really like the one I’ve featured in the collage above, but, as you may know, Tory Burch doesn’t come cheap. I’m hoping to find something in the $50 or less price range…

tortoise link necklace I haven’t been wearing much jewelry lately due to the fact that Caleb likes to put any necklace in his mouth immediately (translation: choking hazard). However, I’m tempted by this acrylic necklace I spotted at Tuckernuck. I like it, but I’m not sure if it’s too chunky…and $45 is a bit much for a plastic statement piece.

olive green cardigan I used to own an olive green cardigan (see it here), but in one of my recent, overzealous closet purges, I let it go. I’m regretting that decision, as I’ve had several occasions in the past few weeks in which I wished I still had that piece. I can’t seem to find anyone selling one currently (the one pictured is no longer sold at Old Navy), but hopefully that will be something we see in stores this fall.

red flats You may recall that I have some serious love for my red flats (see this remix post for proof!). I’ve tried to get a few more months of life out of my current pair, but I’ve come to the conclusion that they really do need to be replaced. I like this pair of Gemma flats from J.Crew, but I don’t like that they’re final sale. Has anyone even tried these flats? I’m just curious if they run true to size, etc.

So what are you hoping to find in the next few months?


4 thoughts on “shopping list–july 2016

  1. girl! get the red gemmas! i have them and love them. i think they run very tts, with the one caveat that they rubbed my heels a bit the first day i wore them. i put in some heel pads and haven’t had any issues since! i’m just bummed i bought them when they weren’t quite so on sale!

    i also highly recommend this cardigan – i’m wearing it now! the fern actually is in the olive family, more like a fatigue green. it runs way big and i have a feeling that the remaining xxs would be perfect on you!

    also! i have this tortoise necklace and love it –

    finally, not sure if silk is too high maitenance for you, but i have this navy blue blouse and love it!


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