July 2016 Budget

This time of year is always tough for me in terms of maintaining responsible shopping habits–there are so many great deals to be had, with all the stores making room for fall merchandise! I managed not to spend too much, as I wanted to leave some room in the budget for fall clothing (I’m looking at you, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale). Here’s a look at this month’s purchases:

july 2016

the keepers

tribal skirt {Loft Outlet} $20 ($69.99 marked down to $19.99 on clearance) This was one of those items that I tried on, loved, and then promptly talked myself out of it. I put it back on the rack and left the store…but I kept thinking about it as I browsed through other stores. I took that as a sign that I should just buy the $20 skirt! I’ve already worn it a few times; my mom even complimented me on it and expressed surprise that it wasn’t from J.Crew. #winning

olive green cardigan {Loft via Poshmark} $15 (retailed for $49.50) As I mentioned in my wishlist post, this is an item that doesn’t seem to be in stores right now. In retrospect, I probably will be seeing similar items in stores in a few months (perhaps even weeks?), so hopefully I don’t regret buying this gently used one.

navy drapey tee {J.Crew Factory via Poshmark} $19 (retailed for $69.50) Just days after I bought this silky tee on Poshmark, J.Crew Factory released 300+ new items…including a new version of this tee. Oh, well. At least I satisfied a wishlist item in a slightly more ethical/sustainable way by buying a used item.

gingham dress {Maison Jules via Macy’s} $50 ($79.50 on sale for $62.99 + extra 20% off coupon) I mentioned in my last budget post that I wanted to add some more black gingham to my wardrobe. Dresses aren’t terribly practical right now due to breastfeeding, but in the long run, I think this dress will get good use throughout the year. If you’re interested in trying this dress for yourself (it keeps popping in and out of stock online), I would size up. I typically wear a size 4 in dresses, and I took the medium in this one.

olive tee {Style & Co. via Macy’s} $12 ($26.50 on sale for $11.99) Truth be told, I was just searching around the Macy’s website for items to qualify for free shipping. I’ve actually been looking for a top in this color family, so I figured it was worth a shot. I ended up really liking it, so I kept it.

taupe wedges {Merona via Target} $25 ($34.99 on sale for $26.24 + 5% red card discount) Wedges are my go-to shoe choice in the summertime, but there don’t seem to be as many options in the nude/taupe/beige hues. These are reasonably comfortable, and the price is pretty great too!

gold station necklace {C.Wonder via Poshmark} $15 (retailed for $49.50) Initially, I had my eye on this necklace from Kendra Scott, but $90 is a bit more than I’m willing to spend on fashion jewelry. This C.Wonder version is visually similar, and it was available (new with tags!) for 1/6th of the price. Sold!

the returns

I did try this top in my quest for a navy blouse, but it was too low-cut to be practical.

the extras

Somehow I’ve managed to drop down to 10-12 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, so many of my pants don’t fit right now. I’m guessing I’ll gain that weight back once I’m no longer breastfeeding, so to get me through the next few months, I bought a few pairs of pants in a smaller size. Specifically, I bought these skinny ankle pants in both navy and black (yes, the same ones I bought in a bigger size in January), as well as these olive pants. Fortunately, I had some rewards cash for both Loft and Banana Republic, so they were quite inexpensive; the olive pair was actually free! I’m not counting them in my budget, mostly because I don’t want to, but also because they were truly an urgent “need” for my wardrobe. Plus, it just seems wrong to penalize myself for losing weight 😄

July total: $156

2016 total: $1141

Remaining budget: $859

Well, I guess I’m back to buying in neutrals after last month’s brief hiatus. That’s actually how I strive to shop these days; I’m all about versatility lately. I’m actually toying with the idea of doing a month-long capsule wardrobe challenge this fall…more on that in a future post!

I’m pleased that I found a few of my wishlist items (the olive cardigan and navy blouse). Truth be told, I also have an order in at J.Crew for the remaining items, but they haven’t arrived as of this writing, so we’ll save those for next month’s re-cap. Other items I’m on the hunt for this month include a work appropriate chambray top, like this peplum blouse and potentially a replacement tassel necklace (I like this one and this one).

What did you buy in July?

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6 thoughts on “July 2016 Budget

  1. We actually picked up really similar skirts from Loft this month! That olive t-shirt looks like it tapers really nicely at the sides. Is that photoshop, or do you find the shirt skims the body in person? Most t-shirts are really baggy on me, so I’m interested in finding ones with more shape to them.


    • Cassie–so sorry to just now be responding to your question. I would say this tee does have a nice shape to it, but I wouldn’t say it’s tailored. For reference, I bought a size small (I’m usually a size 4 in tops), and there’s definitely still some extra fabric around my midsection. I’ll be posting an outfit featuring this top on Friday, so keep an eye out for that if you’d like to see what it looks like on.


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