Take One, Pass It On: Final Recap

Well, I made it through my first “style challenge.” By completing the Take One, Pass It On challenge, I remixed 30 different items in my closet over the course of August. Here’s the list, in case you missed them:

TOPIOWeek1 resized

TOPIOWeek2 resized

TOPIOWeek3 resized

TOPIOWeek4 resized

TOPIOWeek5 resized

From this experience, I’ve come to a few conclusions:

Outfit planning is such a time-saver. Back in the days of my dietetic internship, I used to spend every Sunday evening planning my outfits for the week so that I could get dressed in a hurry before jetting off to the hospital. When I entered the world of research, I returned to my old habits such that every morning, I sat in front of my closet, totally stumped as to what to wear. This challenge forced me to plan my outfits again, and I think it’s a new way of life for me. Now, whenever Caleb goes down for a Sunday afternoon nap, I take that time to look at my schedule and jot down a few outfit ideas. It makes weekday mornings go a bit more smoothly and makes me feel like I have at least one aspect of my life under control!

Having a starting point is everything. I hate to admit this, but I have a sufficiently large wardrobe that sometimes choosing something to wear is overwhelming. In this challenge, I had a starting point for each day’s outfit, which made the sartorial creativity flow a bit more freely. Sure, there were still days on which I felt “trapped” by the rules of the challenge, plus a professional dress code, not to mention the blazing heat. But, overall, having that one piece as the anchor certainly helped me plan and helped me brainstorm new ideas. In the future, I think I’ll try to have an “inspiration” piece to get into the same mindset.

My style has evolved. As you can see from the pictures above, I’m pretty consistent with the colors and prints I choose–apparently, I’m a big fan of navy blue and stripes, with the occasional pop of red or pink. The older I get, the less I care about having bright, cheery colors on my person every day; these days, I much prefer a versatile and slightly more neutral style of dressing.

Taking photos of every outfit is not sustainable. This challenge required me to take photos of every.single.outfit for a whole month, and I’m worn out! Finding the time to take photos and avoiding repeat outfits proved to be quite an endeavor. Obviously, I don’t see myself continuing this pattern long-term.

I had fun this month! I might do something similar in the future, and I’m also contemplating a month-long capsule wardrobe for October. Thanks for reading!


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