September 2016 Budget

It’s been a whirlwind month! I haven’t had much time to devote to this space because…we’re moving! Yep, we sold our current house and bought a new one all within the span of a week, so we’ve been dealing with all the “fun” that comes with those transactions. I managed to spend quite a bit during the first few weeks of September though, so I can’t say that all those distractions really had an impact on my monthly clothing budget. Here’s a look at the goodies:


the keepers

girlfriend jeans {Banana Republic Factory} $29 (originally $79.99, on sale for $48.99 + 40% off coupon) This was a wishlist item that I’m glad I found for a decent price. Hopefully this insane heat calms down eventually so I can actually wear them!

suede skirt {Zara via eBay} $68 (retailed for $79.90) I can’t decide if this was a stupid purchase or not. I think I was lured in by the fact that this skirt is genuine suede, but it’s pretty stiff and not lined. I hope I’ll end up wearing it enough to justify the price tag, but part of me thinks I might have been better off finding a good quality faux suede skirt instead. This was also something on my wishlist.

burgundy wedges {Coach via eBay} $25 (retailed for $198) These shoes were another wishlist item, but unlike the suede skirt, I am quite certain that they were a wise purchase. I found them on eBay with the description “new with defects”–the defect being a bit of sticker residue on the inside of the sole from where a price tag had been. I figured that was a pretty minor defect (that no one sees!), so I took a chance on them. They’re quite beautiful in person in terms of color and toe shape. I can’t wait to wear them this fall!

pink cardigan {J.Crew Factory} $27 ($54.50 + 50% off promo) I’ve been loving soft pink lately, particularly when combined autumn colors, so when I saw this cardigan on Erin a while back, I had to try it for myself. It’s a bit sheer, but it looks fine with light colors layered underneath. It’s all part of my plan to own the Clare cardigan in every color of the rainbow 🙂

nude flats {BCBGeneration via Nordstrom Rack} $40 (retailed for $69)  In light of our upcoming move, I recently did a shoe clean-out, and one of the pairs banished from my collection was my cheapie nude flats. I decided to invest in something a bit higher in quality and with a pointed (well, pointier) toe. This pair is about as neutral as it gets–they’re a little lighter than most “nude” shoes, but then again, so is my skin tone!

the returns

At the same time I ordered the burgundy wedges pictured above, I tried this faux suede pair of pumps from Old Navy. They arrived the same day, and while these were surprisingly comfy and decent quality, I decided that the Coach pair would be more versatile and last longer.

the extras

I used some blog income to buy a pair of black Vince Camuto booties via Poshmark. I really like the inset in the front, as it makes them a bit more flattering on my short legs. They were like new and cost me about a third of the retail price–a good deal in my book!

September total: $190

2016 total: $1504

Remaining budget: $496

This month was a mixed bag in terms of wise buys. I wish I had been able to get a better price on the suede skirt–I think I would be a lot more agreeable to its aforementioned downsides if it had cost me, say, $30, instead of almost $70. However, all the other items fit well into my recent style aesthetic and didn’t break the bank. One of these days fall will actually arrive down south so that I can wear them.

I don’t have much on my radar for next month, mostly because I’ve been too busy to browse (either in store or online). There’s also the fact that we will be spending quite a bit on house-related items in the coming months (a refrigerator, a new sofa, a fence for the backyard…), so my desire for shopping is noticeably diminished. Perhaps I’ll end up saving a bit of money in October to put toward Black Friday purchases instead…

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